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If you're ready to become an expert in the implementation and management of Juniper's JunOS-based hardware, we've put together the perfect training bundle for you.  From the basics of the JunOS CLI, and how it differs from Cisco's IOS, to an advanced look at configuration and troubleshooting, this bundle will empower you with a comprehensive knowledge of the Juniper platform.

Juniper JunOS Bundle Includes:

This course is intended for professional network engineers who already have a working knowledge of Ethernet switching and IP routing on Cisco IOS-based platforms and would like to quickly transfer this knowledge to Juniper’s JunOS-based platforms. The course begins with JunOS fundamentals, such as accessing the JunOS CLI, managing the configuration and OS files, enabling remote access, and performing basic verifications. We then progress to configuration and verification of common core networking protocols, such as Ethernet VLANs and Trunking, Spanning-Tree Protocol, RIP, OSPF & IS-IS. Throughout these configurations, students will examine side-by-side comparisons between Cisco’s IOS, IOS XE, and IOS XR operating systems and Juniper’s JunOS.

In the first course of the JUNOS Prep Series, the instructor will take you through the foundations of networking, including curious historic facts and even some accidents which have created the networking paradigms we have today. Practical skills such as sub-netting, Other topics you'll learn include: VLSM, route summarization, routing & switching operations and transport protocols. After the general aspects of networking covered in the JNCIA-JUNOS curriculum have been taught, you will learn the key differentiators of the JUNOS software architecture and the Juniper family of products. You will also learn how to navigate the JUNOS command line interface, understand its hierarchy-based system, You'll also perform administrative tasks such as configuration management and storage.

Now that you’ve been through your network and JUNOS foundations, it’s time to learn how to maintain and operate a JUNOS device for day to day tasks. Rather than focusing on network or security capabilities the device offers to the network, this course is dedicated to the Juniper device as a system. We cover how to operate it and keep it in the best possible shape as well as understanding some of its powerful diagnostic tools. Among the topics you will be exposed to are: initial device configuration, interfaces, device access control and authorization, device monitoring features and third-party system integrations and software management. This part of the JNCIA-JUNOS curriculum prepares you on how to administrate any device running JUNOS, given that all JUNOS powered devices share the same baseline software package.

This last part of the JUNOS Prep Series will introduce you to how routing works and specifically how it is configured in a JUNOS device. Besides actual routng operations, you will learn about protocol independent routing as well as OSPF configuration, the initial part of the course will help you get familiar with routing decision processes and the configuration of routing virtualization through the use of routing instances. The second part of this course will deal with the use of routing policies, both the default system policies and how they affect the way routers import and exports actual routing information, as well as custom policies you can create in order to affect the default router decisions to something more suitable to your company policy. The final part of this course will explain a rather versatile tools in JUNOS, called firewall filters; you will learn to filter and restrict traffic using firewall filters but also how to use it for other more advanced functions such as QoS and anti-spoofing using Reverse Path Forwarding checks. Upon completion of this last course, if you have followed and practiced the entire series you will be more than ready to take your JNCIA-JUNOS test

This course is designed for Network Engineers who already have an associate level knowledge in networking, with any technology vendor and it will be of special benefit if you have been through the JUNOS Prep Series in this library. We will examine the OSPF protocol behavior as per standard and it's particular implementations and features in the JUNOS CLI; engineers working towards their JNCIS-ENT, JNCIS-SP, JNCIP-ENT and JNCIP-SP and well as JNCIE-SP/ENT will find benefit in watching this course and practicing the concepts outlined during it.


This video bundle download offers instant access to complete training that includes hours of quality lectures and real-world examples, viewable on your computer or mp4-compatible mobile device.

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