Business Plans
Keep your team on the cutting edge

INE’s Business Plans are the ideal solution to keep your team on the cutting edge of the industry’s leading networking technologies. Whether you have 4 or 400+ team members, INE’s Business Plans provide access to comprehensive training tools that will guide your team to success and master the networking technologies needed to increase productivity and performance.



Know How Your Team is Training with Advanced Team Analytics

Get a detailed history of everything your team is watching as well as individual team member’s history and progress through each course. See the total amount of time your team has spent training each month to make sure they’re on track and maintaining momentum toward their training and certification goals.

NEW Quizzes to Help Retain New Skills Learned In Each Course!

Looking for a way to ensure your team is retaining the knowledge they're acquiring with their training? Quizzes are now available, designed to test your abilities as you complete each video within each course. With unlimited attempts to achieve a perfect score, these quizzes will ensure you're grasping the most critical parts of every topic.

Unlimited Streaming Access

With a Business Plan, every member of your team (or company with our Unlimited plan) will receive 1 year of streaming access to INE's digital content library compiled of training in Networking, DevOps, Security, Development, Data Science, and more!

Dedicated Client Success Specialist

Every team has a dedicated Client Success Specialist who provides direct support throughout the length of your plan. They will assist with onboarding, provide a detailed overview of how to track your team's performance, check in regularly to discuss your team's goals and will do everything possible to ensure your team has the most successful experience with INE.

Rack Rental Tokens

Each team receives 100 Rack Rental Tokens per user, per year to rent time on our rack equipment to get hands-on experience. You will also gain access to all of our workbooks that contain scenarios, lab strategy, and other key test taking skills that are designed to be used with our rack equipment.

Transfer Licenses

If a member of your team decides to leave the company, you have the ability to transfer their license to a different or new member of your team.

Live Webinars & vSeminars

Our INE expert instructors host live webinars and courses every month on a variety of topics. Your Business Plan grants you and your team the ability to attend all live events for free. Your account dashboard will contain a calendar with these events so you can easily register for the ones you want to attend.

Mobile Apps

iOS, Android and Apple TV apps can be downloaded for free in the Apple store and the Google Play store so you can access our training videos on the go!



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What Our Customers Are Saying

INE’s business solution allows our staff to train without leaving our facility, which saves the company both time and money. Providing INE training demonstrates to our employees that we value them and are willing to take risks with them. In turn, they feel appreciated and it also builds loyalty to our organization. In short, if you empower your people, you will get more out of them. INE training is worth the investment and I believe I’ve definitely gotten our money’s worth.
John W / L3 Harris
I started my CCIE journey almost three years ago and I have been using INE training materials for over seven years now. Hands down they are the best out there and to be honest I don't think I would have been able to pass my lab exam without their videos or their workbooks and I'm very thankful for that.
Rahil Merchant / CCIE #59704
You have to invest in your people. Providing an intensive level of training is a solid investment. My hope is that by providing this guidance and opportunity, it will inspire loyalty and a sense of pride that the team is not just working for a paycheck- they are working to improve the community they live in and they are involved at a very personal level and are really making a difference. I’ve engaged with other training partners in the past but INE is far more effective at helping my team achieve their goals.
John B / State of Colorado