Why Data Science?

Data Science is one of the fastest growing jobs in the IT industry. As organizations rely more heavily on big data, they need individuals that can expertly collect, analyze, and leverage data in order to succeed in the future.



Data Science experts are needed in nearly every job sector. Some of the most in-demand career opportunities that utilize Data Science technologies are:

Average salary: $43,000 - $85,000

A Data Analyst uses data to acquire information about specific topics. This may involve finding survey participants, gathering data, interpreting data, and then presenting it in forms such as charts or reports.

Key skills that increase Data Analysts’ salaries:

  • Python - 10% increase
  • Tableau Software - 8% increase
  • SQL - 5% increase
  • Data Modeling - 4% increase
  • Data Mining - 3% increase

Average salary: $66,000 - $134,000

Data Scientists are responsible for mining complex data and designing new ways to manage statistical data using models.

Key skills that increase Data Scientists’ salaries:

  • Data Modeling - 10% increase
  • Big Data Analytics - 7% increase
  • Data Mining - 5% increase
  • Python - 3% increase

Average salary: $64,000 - $131,000

Data Engineers are responsible for developing and translating computer algorithms into code. They are also responsible for maintaining, organizing, and identifying trends in large data sets.

Key skills that increase Data Engineers’ salaries:

  • Apache Spark - 10% increase
  • Amazon Web Services - 7% increase
  • Big Data Analytics - 5% increase
  • Data Warehouse - 5% increase
  • Python - 1% increase

Average salary: $75,000 - $153,000

Data Architects are responsible for the design, structure, and maintenance of data. Data management requires advanced skills with computers and proficiency with computer languages such as SQL and XML.

Key skills that increase Data Architects’ salaries:

  • Big Data Analytics 11% increase
  • Data Warehouse - 3% increase
  • Data Modeling - 2% increase

Average salary: $84,000 - $154,000

A Senior Software Engineer usually has a strong background in computer science, web development, and/or engineering. Knowledge and familiarity with web coding such as Javascript, HTML, and CSS are a necessity.

Key skills that increase Senior Software Engineers’ salaries:

  • Python - 7% increase
  • Amazon Web Services - 7% increase
  • Java - 3% increase

Key skills needed in Data Science

  • Languages: R/Python/Java
  • Statistics and Applied Mathematics
  • Working Knowledge of Hadoop and Spark
  • Databases: SQL and NoSQL
  • Machine Learning and Neural Networks
  • Proficiency in Deep Learning Frameworks: TensorFlow, Keras, Pytorch
  • Creative Thinking & Industry Knowledge


How we help you get there

INE trains tomorrow’s Data Scientists through hands-on, interactive Python and Data Analytics courses. Our learning platform helps you develop the fundamentals of Data Science at your own pace with real-time feedback and experience-building Github projects. We provide all the resources you need so you can start training today!



Data Science Pass

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The perfect combination of building real-world skills through challenging coursework and projects.

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I have tried multiple ways to learn Data Science. Now, with the lessons and practice provided, I finally feel like I am making real progress

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Clear guidance while providing detailed explanations. Greatly enhanced my knowledge in a short amount of time

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