Why INE?

    You could go anywhere for your Networking and Cybersecurity training, so why choose INE?

    Investing in industry content over the past two decades, INE brings an online training platform that hits topics from multiple disciplines at an affordable budget.
    Affordable // Hands-On // Continuous

    Training for Every IT Professional

    As cybersecurity, networking, and cloud computing increasingly overlap, the need for cross-training and upskilling grows - at every level of a career. INE offers a comprehensive online learning platform that immerses and engages our practitioners in continuous learning throughout their careers.

    Hands-On, Lifetime Learning

    There’s no better measure of ability than putting it into practice. By integrating Pentester Academy and Cloudskills.io labs into INE’s on-demand platform, our labs offer hands-on, practical training. Learners actively engage with real-world scenarios, solve problems, and gain practical experience through interactive lab exercises.
    Our labs showcase diverse scenarios, like:
    Network configurations
    Cybersecurity simulations
    System troubleshooting
    Risk assessment
    Web application pentesting
    Mitre attacks
    Endpoint security
    and much more

    Explore how INE can help build a stronger, more skilled workforce.

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    Our Learning Areas

    INE expands content on a daily basis - meeting our learners where they are and taking them where they want to go - at their own pace in an on-demand environment.


    Our cybersecurity learning paths cover Red, Blue, and Yellow Team topics at every level of proficiency. With learning paths at every level of expertise in penetration testing, security exploit development, digital forensics, incident response, and more, INE’s cybersecurity catalog has our learners covered through every step of their career.

    Popular Learning Paths:
    Explore All Cybersecurity Learning Paths


    Addressing the complexities of managing a modern network, INE includes certification prep for vendors like Cisco, Juniper, and CompTIA. The course work dives into technologies and focus areas that are top of mind to networking professionals, like network design, architecture, implementation, and security across all proficiency levels to meet our learners where they are in their career - and where they want to go next.

    Popular Learning Paths:
    Explore All Networking Learning Paths

    Cloud Computing

    These learning paths dive into Cloud management of major cloud providers like Amazon (AWS), Microsoft (Azure), and Google Cloud. Beginning with basics like Microsoft Azure Fundamentals and INE Certified Cloud Associate (ICCA) and advancing all the way through to expert level content like Amazon AWS Certified Big Data Specialty, INE’s Cloud Computing courses address the subject matter IT/IS professionals need to succeed at any level in their career.

    Popular Learning Paths:
    Explore All Cloud Computing Learning Paths

    Data Science

    Our Data Science catalog offers extensive learning across data science disciplines from AI Fundamentals and data analysis to data engineering and more; covering information relevant to data infrastructures from major vendors like Microsoft Azure, Google, and Cloudera. It also provides product agnostic content specific to the duties of data scientists at every level, from analyst to principal data scientist, to support IT/IS professionals through their careers.

    Popular Learning Paths:
    Explore All Data Science Learning Paths

    As technologies evolve, so will INE.

    Our comprehensive catalog that empowers you to train in all of the topics that interest you under one platform currently includes Cybersecurity, Networking, Cloud Computing, and Data Science. To keep up-to-date with our latest additions to our training catalog, sign up for our newsletter.
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    Career-Oriented Certifications

    Explore All Certifications

    INE makes IT/IS training accessible and affordable for all learners.

    INE has built an extensive catalog of industry certifications - including industry recognized eLearnSecurity certifications - that provide IT and Information Systems (IS) professionals a leg up in their careers. We offer certifications in Networking, Cybersecurity, Data Science, and Cloud Computing, aligning with INE’s learning paths.
    Who Are INE Certifications For?

    Entry-level IT/IS professionals trying to get their first role and need to prove that they have what it takes to succeed in a real-world environment

    Experienced IT/IS professionals interested in changing careers from one specialty to another or upskilling to the next step in their career

    Any IT/IS professional that wants to cross-train to be more effective in their specialty by understanding the challenges and tactics of other IT/IS disciplines

    Affordable IT/IS Training for All

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    Our subscription model is designed to offer pricing options for both our individual learners and our business partners. Through subscriptions, all learners can access content continuously and on-demand  - allowing them to keep on learning beyond the initial topic, course, or certification.
    IT/IS training is right here at your fingertips. Get started now.

    The INE Reputation

    With 20 years of training and certification experience, INE is an IT/IS training mainstay that is here for the long haul. Our incredible instructors and content team have created compelling learning experiences that keep our learners coming back.

    Our expert team of instructors have extensive backgrounds in their respective disciplines, and many have multiple certifications that align with the content they teach. These folks are pros!
    Meet Our Instructors

    Industry Recognition

    For 20 years, we’ve been honored to accept a variety of industry badges and awards that acknowledge the INE experience.

    With industry awards from Cyber Defense Magazine, SC Media Excellence Awards, Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, and more, we are humbled by the badges we’ve received from G2 based on our learners’ reviews. 
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    Hundreds of 5 Star Reviews
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    "I have had a great experience with INE, and I couldn't be happier with it."
    "Well structured video courses with excellently performing labs."

    There are many online video providers for networking but INE sets itself apart from the others (like Udemy or CBT) by having labs that are detailed, easy to use and perform excellently. Obviously you can also pay thousands other forms of learning but this is the best balance in my opinion.

    "Easy to use and amazing training!"

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