What students are saying

"INE, IMO, has the best platform for Blue Teamers. So far I’ve completed the Threat Hunting, Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering Professional tracks."

Lou A


"The material is streamlined and presented in such a natural way that allows the student easy access to slides, videos, or even jumping into the lab environment with just a single click."

John H

Senior Cyber Security Researcher

"I just bought all the courses from eLearnSecurity at INE. It was the best investment I have ever made in my life! At an impressive discount. Videos, PDFs, and labs included!! For an amazing year! Thank you."

Hernan R

Red Team ATT&CK

INE trains the world's most respected companies

Cyber Security has moved beyond the traditional red vs. blue team binary

Penetration Testing

Exploit Development

Mobile Application Pentesting

Web Application Pentesting

Threat Hunting

Digital Forensics

Network Defense

Incident Handling & Response

Organizations around the world are now looking for industry leaders that are cross-trained in offensive and defensive tactics. INE’s Cyber Security Pass offers a holistic approach to learning that prioritizes both red and blue team learning.

Experience the ultimate in online Cyber Security training

Practical learning paths

Organized training that expertly guides students through the most relevant red and blue team subjects

Unlimited lab time

INE’s Virtual Lab environment allows students to practice real-world simulations crafted by cyber security veterans

Expert instructors

Cyber security learning paths designed by course creators with years of industry experience

Access to all courses & updates

We stay on top of the latest TTPs and update INE’s cyber security courses as the threat landscape evolves

The INE difference

INE’s Cyber Security Pass is an affordable approach to building your expertise. No paying by the course. No scheduling live classes. Learn what you want, when you want for a price that makes sense.

INE Starter Pass INE Cyber Security Pass Competitor Bootcamp

Unlimited lab time

Practice the latest cyber security techniques in INE’s Virtual Labs.

Access to all courses & updates

Learning Paths automatically update when new TTPs emerge.

On demand training

Learn when you want, where you want.

Hands-on learning

Follow instructor-led exercises that reinforce you learning.

Expert instructors

INE’s cyber security instructors are industry veterans with deep expertise.

Guided experience

Learning paths are designed to build career-ready cyber security knowledge.

Development & IT courses

INE’s Cyber Security Pass includes training on IT building blocks.

50% off eLearnSecurity exam vouchers

Receive a coupon code for 50% off 1 certification exam voucher each year your yearly subscription remains active.




Ready to start your Cyber Security career journey?

Subscribe to INE’s Cyber Security Pass to take the next leap in your security career. Want to experience the platform first? The Starter Pass provides a sneak peek into our training methods.

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