Getting Started With GNS3

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This course is designed for those who have no previous experience with GNS3 and wish to learn how to utilize GNS3 to create Cisco networking topologies for Cisco Certification preparation, or just for fun. In this course you will learn how to download the GNS3 application (version 1.4.4) and view a demonstration of the installation process. After installing the product on a Windows-based laptop, you will learn about the various toolbars and screen layout of GNS3. GNS3 nodes will be discussed (such as routers, Ethernet Switches, Etherswitch Routers, Frame-Relay Switches, and more) and you’ll see several live examples of how to build network topologies with these devices. The course will culminate with one or more CCNA Example Labs (time permitting) that describe a lab objective and topology, which will subsequently be built from the ground-up so you can view a real, working example of using GNS3 for Cisco Certification preparation, and even replicate this same lab within your own GNS3 environment for practice.
  • Course
    • An Introduction to GNS3
      • GNS3 Course Introduction
      • A "Simulator" or an "Emulator"?
    • Selecting a Cisco IOS image
      • Cisco Platform Considerations
      • Feature Sets
      • Memory Considerations
    • GNS3 Download and Installation
      • Locating and Downloading GNS3
      • The GNS3 Setup Wizard :: Part 1
      • The GNS3 Setup Wizard :: Part 2
      • Projects, Topologies & Nodes
      • Device Toolbar & Workspace :: Part 1
      • Device Toolbar and Workspace :: Part 2
    • Implementing Switching with GNS3
      • Built-In Ethernet Switch Node
      • EtherSwitch Router
      • Connecting Your GNS3 Topology to an External Switch
    • Using Built-In GNS3 Nodes
      • Built-In Hub Node
      • Built-In Frame-Relay Switch Node
      • Using the VPCS Node
    • Using Wireshark within GNS3
      • Using Wireshark within GNS3
    • GNS3 Snapshots
      • Using GNS3 Snapshots
    • Terminal Emulators
      • Changing your Terminal Emulator within GNS3
    • GNS3 CCNA Example Labs: EIGRP
      • EIGRP: Lab Overview, Objectives & Topology
      • EIGRP: Part 1 :: Building the Physical Topology
      • EIGRP: Part 2 :: Adding IP Addresses
      • EIGRP: Part 3 :: Configuring Basic EIGRP
      • EIGRP: Part 4 :: Adding EIGRP Authentication
      • EIGRP: Part 5 :: Manipulating EIGRP Path Selection
    • GNS3 CCNA Example Labs: Switching
      • Switching: Lab Overview, Objectives & Topology
      • Switching: Part 1 :: Building the Physical Topology
      • Switching: Part 2 :: Adding IP Addresses and Static Routes
      • Switching: Part 3 :: Configuring VTP and VLANs
      • Switching: Part 4 :: Modifying Spanning-Tree
Keith Bogart
Keith Bogart — CCIE #4923
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