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24 June 21

National Work from Home Day

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Around this time last year, employees around the world were forced to bring their work home without knowing when, or if, they could return to their usual working environments. This resulted in an immediate and massive shift in the work landscape as we all tried to adapt to our “new normal”. 

Fast forward to 2021, and millions of people are still working from home as the mindsets of employers and employees have now shifted too.

From an employer’s perspective, a recent survey of more than 600 CEOs found that 78% of them believe remote work and collaboration is a long-term solution. Approximately 65% of employees share those sentiments and have expressed desire to work remotely full time in a post-pandemic world. In fact, 27% of the workforce has said they would take a 20% pay cut to continue working from home.

A common trend identified among those working from home is increased productivity and morale. This is most often attributed to fewer interruptions, a more comfortable space to work, more time to focus, and an overall quieter environment. This has shown to be true even for parents who have found themselves working from home, with 49% of working moms and 50% of working dads indicating working from home has allowed them to be more productive.

Employers are also reaping the benefits of a remote workforce. Not only are their employees happier and more productive, but they are also saving money on rent, utilities, cleaning services, and equipment needed to keep an office running. A study conducted by Global Workplace Analytics revealed employers could save $11,000 per remote employee each year if they worked remotely an average of 2.5 days each week.

Aside from the more tangible benefits, shifting to a remote workforce has also enabled employers to expand their talent pool beyond what is available in their area. By opening the opportunity to work from home, businesses around the world are also opening the door for applications from qualified candidates they might not have otherwise seen.

One of the industries most suitable for working from home is the technology industry. released a recent article indicating a surge in geographically diverse positions by more than 149%. Data and technology are everywhere in the world, and so is the need for highly skilled and trained professionals.

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