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    24 February 22

    Summit: Reaching the Peaks of Mt. Cloud

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    Climbing a mountain has two goals: reaching the summit and making it safely back to the base. Mt. Cloud is very similar but with a distinct difference. Once you’ve become an expert in Cloud, or conquered the mountain, you don’t go back to where you started. Instead you stay at the peak and help build from there.

    For those who have reached the peaks of Mt. Cloud and those who are aiming for the top, this blog explores the responsibilities of Cloud experts and the skills required to stay at the apex. 

    Managing and Executing Cloud
    As with any new business tool, you want to make sure teams are aligned and there is an established governance structure for data. Business strategies and operations should be aligned with the data both in terms of storage and goals for growth or workflow effectiveness.

    Once you have the governance structure and context/data alignment, your management team can start to implement master data cleansing and audit procedures as normal. This will help teams handle data and execute initiatives smoothly.

    Finally, the execution and management will begin to create opportunities for cost reduction. In some cases, resources may be able to be relocated or repurposed to further enhance the Cloud structure or data management practices. 

    It’s important to execute best practices and manage the systems that have been implemented. However, a key factor of Cloud management and execution is the ability to know when it’s time to expand or switch vendors. 

    In our Hiking Mt. Cloud blog, we mention the need to avoid vendor lock-in. For this reason, it’s important to be ready to execute a vendor transition. Make sure teams are aware of the plans for this process and know how to bring new technology needs forward to initiate the transition discussion.

    Cloud management will differ slightly depending on the implemented solution. Private and public servers may have similar fundamental aspects, but certain areas may present unique challenges, such as security measures or software management. You’ll want to make sure teams are continuing to collaborate to address challenges as they arise in your Cloud system. 

    If your team decides to switch vendors, be prepared for unique vendor challenges as well. Compliance requirements may vary between vendors and some systems or tools may not converge well with their platforms. These unique scenarios are best handled with Cloud, Cyber Security, and Networking teams working together towards a solution that works for your business. 

    Cloud Experts
    Expert hikers have made the climb up several mountains in their time. In some cases, those experts continue to reach new peaks on their own while others lead less experienced hikers to teach them the fundamentals and build a team of experts. Mt. Cloud is no different. Cloud experts can be found in teams or as architects and, while they have more experience, they are continuing to update their skills. Here, we’ll explore what Cloud architects are responsible for in the business space!

    Cloud architects are responsible for deploying and overseeing Cloud computing strategies for the organization. These experts may also implement Cloud adoption plans and application design. In addition, they lead Cloud management and monitoring processes. Many of the concerns associated with new Cloud implementation plans are managed and addressed by this role, making risk identification and mitigation another key responsibility. These experts often have decades of experience and earn competitive salaries.

    Reaching the Peaks with INE
    Becoming an expert takes as much time as making the climb up a mountain, and requires just as much training and experience. INE offers training in management and execution of Cloud services for multiple vendors. Cloud training is available for teams and individuals who have a strong knowledge of existing Cloud technologies and procedures. So whether you are aiming for the top or have already made the climb, you can keep your skills up-to-date with INE Cloud training.

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