Hiking Mt. Cloud
    22 February 22

    Hiking Mt. Cloud

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    We’ve been talking about Mt. Cloud from the early stages and have covered key topics such as what it takes to prepare and what you need to get started. But what about once you’ve actually started your ascent? Just like any profession, there are ups and downs in the journey. 

    When you’re hiking Mt. Cloud, you’ve already gained some experience along the way, but you aren’t quite at the summit. In this blog, we’re taking you through the journey up the mountain with Cloud providers, environments, and professions! 

    Implementing the Cloud
    Anyone that has read Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer will tell you, there is no shame in turning back when hiking a perilous mountain. The same concept applies to Cloud vendors and environments.

    We’ve talked about the three biggest Cloud providers, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), which make up a combined 61% of the global Cloud infrastructure, but what does it mean to commit to one of these vendors? 

    Once you’ve figured out what your business needs to succeed in Cloud, you can pick the vendor that works best for you! In this scenario, you’ve analyzed your other business products and decided you need a multi-cloud solution from the vendor of your choice. 

    Next you need to plan your implementation ground rules. Knowing who is handling what is very important, especially from a Cyber Security standpoint, because the implementation process is when your data is most vulnerable. Talk with your vendor and your team to make sure everyone is on the same page before you begin the implementation process.

    As you implement your private or public cloud platforms, you’ll see an increased collaboration between the Cloud and Cyber Security teams. This collaboration should continue past the point of implementation, but for the time being will be centered around the movement of critical data. Both teams will need to communicate needs for proprietary information, which should go to a private platform, as well as general data, which may go to either a private or public server.

    So if you’ve analyzed and started going through the efforts of implementation, why would you ever turn back? Cloud is an area that is quickly developing and changing every day. You need to be prepared to reanalyze your selections and make changes in your vendor choice or your environment. You can add plans for potential changes to your implementation process early so you can avoid vendor lock-in or data bottlenecks.

    Cloud Professionals
    When you think of someone hiking up a mountain, you probably envision an experienced professional with all the right tools and skills. Here, we’ll focus on those kinds of Cloud professionals. Maybe not the experts who lead the expedition, but passionate individuals who have been in the space for years!

    Let’s start with cloud engineers. Cloud engineers or cloud software engineers are responsible for technical requirements related to cloud computing. Anything infrastructure or software-as-a-service related will heavily rely on cloud engineers. This role may also handle the design and planning of cloud services, in addition to providing support or maintenance. If you’re interested in this kind of role, you’d be in the running for a 6-figure salary and still have room for professional development!

    Finally, cloud developers are hiking a bit closer to the summit. They’re responsible for all sorts of tasks, such as technician work, analyzing, and aiding in application development. Some cloud developers may take on more of an operations leadership role because of their diverse skill set. Anyone in a cloud developer position is also looking at a 6-figure salary and may continue to lead from an operations perspective or develop their technical expertise.

    Making the Hike with INE
    No hiker ever takes on the hike without proper preparations, breaks, or turnarounds. Sometimes, it’s best to set up camp and let the weather pass before deciding to continue onward or make the trek back down the mountain. But INE is here to make your hiking experience the best it can be!

    INE provides in-depth Cloud training with hands-on labs and course material to bring you and your team to a better standing in the Cloud space! Learn about the providers and the various fundamentals of service and compliance requirements or focus on developing skills required for your career such as cloud application managementcloud infrastructures, as well as storage development techniques.

    In addition, INE now offers a Cloud certification for those entering the Cloud sector, the INE Certified Cloud Associate (ICCA). If you aren't quite ready to take on the full hiking experience and need a place to start, the ICCA was made for you! Take advantage of INE Cloud training and get certified today!

    About INE
    INE is the premier provider of technical training for the IT industry. INE is revolutionizing the digital learning industry through the implementation of adaptive technologies and a proven method of hands-on training experiences. Our portfolio of training is built for all levels of technical learning, specializing in advanced networking technologies, next generation security and infrastructure programming and development. Want to talk to a training advisor about our course offerings and training plans? Give us a call at 877-224-8987 or email us at

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