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According to the Harvard Business Review, only 37% of executives believe their cloud initiatives have achieved their desired outcomes, and fewer than a third think they can reach their goals on time. Building trust in cloud infrastructure starts with expertise, and our solutions provide you and your team with the training necessary to prove your skills and build world class solutions.

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We’re helping close the Cloud skills gap with expert-led instruction to guide you through the concepts needed to keep pace with the evolving Cloud landscape. To grasp new skills or refine existing ones, you need to get hands-on and become an active participant in your training. Our course material and practical approach to education allows you to do just that, and more.

We’re proud to work exclusively with the most trusted experts in the industry who have developed specialized content and Cloud certification training to help you outpace the competition and differentiate your business. Whether you’re a tenured expert or new to your team, our guided learning has been thoughtfully designed to help kickstart or accelerate your career. With a team of instructors creating new content weekly, you can ensure you’ll have access to the most comprehensive and up-to-date learning materials the industry has to offer.

By 2025, there will be more than 100 zettabytes (equal to one trillion gigabytes) of data stored in the cloud - half of the world’s total data. With such staggering numbers to support the rapidly evolving Cloud infrastructure, it’s more important than ever to ensure you’ve got the skills and experts needed to keep pace. Our hands-on development model is closely aligned with real-world business initiatives and gives you a secure place to sharpen your skills and transform your team. Get started today with a free trial.

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Cloud Learning Paths

Our experts lead you through each critical step of the certification study process including practice exams. All the training courses needed to pass the certification exams are gathered in one, easy-to-track location, ensuring efficient studying and preparation.

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Achieve your training goals. Explore hundreds of hours of course materials.

Learning Paths, designed to keep every certification topic in one place, help guide you through the study process. Each course is organized within the Learning Path for efficiency, focus, and retention so the only thing you have to keep track of is your accomplishments.


What a Cloud Computing career looks like

Between 2015 and 2019, jobs related to cloud services increased by nearly 55%. As the market consistently grows, opportunities continue to be plentiful for cloud technicians.

Cloud Certifications

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Cloud training just got a whole lot more fun. Not only are our instructors leaders in their field with decades of experience, but they are passionate about training the next generation of Cloud experts and will be sure to entertain and educate you every step of the way.

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