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Get real-time, technical skill assessment data for your entire team.

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The aptitude data you’ve wished for is here.

Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all training – with Skill Sonar, each team member receives targeted training to enhance their skills and drive professional growth.

  • For employees

    Unlock the power of personalized training with Skill Sonar offering baseline technical skill assessments for employees and auto-generated training playlists tailored to individual performance.

  • For technical leaders

    Skill Sonar empowers you with insights into your employee’s current skill levels, areas of growth, and development. Utilize this data to shape training strategies and cultivate a workforce that excels in every aspect.

  • For managers

    Simplify training and development with Skill Sonar. Managers can leverage our platform to assign training and development paths effortlessly. No more manual guesswork – Skill Sonar’s auto-generated training playlists streamline the process, ensuring your team receives the targeted training they need to succeed. Focus on leading your team while Skill Sonar handles the rest.

Skill Sonar Playlists

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually compiling courses and playlists for training, tracking progress, or updating content. Skill Sonar Playlists streamline the entire process, putting the power of dynamic, adaptable content in your hands.

  • No Technical Expertise Required:

    Effortlessly assign effective training without needing to be a technical expert in every area. Our system simplifies the entire process, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – developing your team’s skills and advancing your organization’s goals.

  • Dynamic, Adaptable Content:

    Playlists evolve with the user’s growth; encouraging users to reassess as they progress through training. Playlists adjust based on performance, ensuring it meets their current training needs.

  • Minimal Team Manager Involvement:

    Skill Sonar requires no direct involvement from team managers in the curation process, enhancing the efficiency of managing teams, regardless of size.

  • Targeted Learning:

    Tailored to the specific strengths, weaknesses, and progress of each learner, playlists leverage Skill Sonar assessment data to offer highly targeted learning experiences.

Playlist Cards

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How Does It Work?


Ask your team to take the assessments.

Skill Sonar features Blue Team Essentials, Red Team Essentials, and Yellow Team Essentials for baseline cybersecurity skill assessment. Skill Sonar also includes Networking assessments in Enterprise Infrastructure and Network Security. (Cloud Assessments coming soon.)

Cloud Assessments coming soon.

Red Team
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Blue Team
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Yellow Team
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View the results.

Team members will have assessment results broken down by skill set. For instance, for Red Team Essentials, you’ll see their current performance in categories like Vulnerability Assessment and Information Technology.


Upskill your technical dream team.

Automated, dynamic training playlists based on individual skill assessment performance can be assigned to offer targeted training that updates according to their most current training needs.

Performance heat map

Level Up with Skill Sonar

With the Skill Sonar dashboard, you can easily visualize at both the team and individual levels:

  • Current Proficiency Levels:

    As team members work through training objectives, they will have the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of new skills and level up!

  • Skill Gaps:

    Team visibility empowers leadership to identify skill gaps and implement training plans to bridge those gaps ASAP.

  • Training Recommendations:

    Easily target training objectives with auto-generated training playlists based on skill assessment performance.

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How Does Skill Sonar Fit Into a Training Program?

Sonar Steps
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Our content library and on-demand courses provide you with the foundational knowledge needed to succeed in IT and Cybersecurity.

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Dive deep into exclusive Lab Collections, specifically curated to challenge your skills and reinforce your understanding.

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INE’s Certifications and the Skill Sonar tool measure progress and proficiency. Assess individual team member skills and provide targeted, auto-generated training playlists.

  • Why Is Skill Sonar’s Data Important to Me?

    Technical leaders, at all levels, have the same fundamental concerns:

    Stabilizing Systems

    Protecting the organization from breaches

    Meeting industry compliance standards

    Employee retention and team staffing

    With Skill Sonar, you’ll use real-time assessment data to address concerns and create a skilled team built to defend your organization. Using skill assessment data for your teams, you quickly determine the strength of employee skills in each area.

  • Secure Infrastructure
    Icon secure line vpn

    Can my organization’s infrastructure stay stable through upgrades and solve for technical debt? Can it withstand potential threats? From SMB to Enterprise teams, leaders need team members trained in technical tactics. Any skill gaps can be a vulnerability.

    Skill Sonar helps you quickly look at skills across your team to identify gaps, enabling you to implement a training plan immediately. Automated training recommendations for individuals helps them stay on track with their training and level up.
    With real-time data, watch assessment scores rise as team members complete training and take follow-up assessments. As skill scores rise, so does the stability and security of your infrastructure!
  • Industry Compliance
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    Industry compliance standards often need to be addressed beyond general cybersecurity and networking best practices. Is your organization impacted by HIPAA Compliance, PCI DSS Compliance, or other frameworks?

    Skill Sonar precisely targets skill sets based on your team’s individual testing results - resulting in you being able to assess compliant KSAs. An ideal outcome would show that your team already knows everything they need to meet compliance standards. The reality is that most team members will have development opportunities - which means you may not be efficiently meeting compliance standards. 
    Skill Sonar targets learning and upskilling opportunities for your team to meet and exceed technical standards.
  • Employee Retention
    Icon protection

    Staffing a technical team is complex - adding in challenges of a talent shortage, budget constraints, and evolving threats, employee retention is critical to your team.

    Mature and upskill teams with Skill Sonar:
    Identify development opportunities
    Get personalized training recommendations to facilitate growth
    Unlock opportunities for career pathway conversations
    Already ahead of the curve and created career paths with your employees? Use Skill Sonar to get them there faster by targeting learning paths specific to the skills they’ll need in the future.
  • What if your team’s results revealed…’ve got someone on your Blue Team that crushed the Red Team Essentials assessment - would moving them to the Red Team enhance your organization’s overall security posture, and would it offer a career pathing opportunity to that employee that helps with retention?’ve got someone on your team that scored consistently lower than other team members, but you just know they’ve got potential - can you create individual learning playlists based on their results that helps them grow and in return, strengthen your team and stabilize skill gaps?

    ...your organization is in an industry that you know is particularly vulnerable to attacks - does your team have the skill level in key areas of defense to protect the infrastructure?

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