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Skill Dive for Deeper Understanding

Practice turns training into skills. INE created Skill Dive as a secure, risk-free environment to put into practice what you’ve learned from our learning paths and beyond. Skill Dive offers:

What’s in Skill Dive?

Cyber Security

Cyber Security


Secure Coding Defensearrow
Blue Team Defender: Securing Systemsarrow
Active Directory Exploits & Defensesarrow


MSSQL Enumeration with Metasploit
Exploiting Cloud Function Credentials I
SQL Injection
AD DCShadow
Dumping and Cracking - MSCACHEv2



IP Services Fundamentalsarrow
OSPF Security & Filteringarrow
Advanced Routingarrow


Basic NAT
IP Event Dampening
OSPF Stubby Areas
Policy Routing
EIGRP Floating Summarization



Getting Started with Azure Cloudarrow
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Fundamentalsarrow
Cloud Security Challenges (CTF)arrow


IAM Basics
S3 Basics
Creating a Storage Bucket with Terraform
Create a VM using Terraform
Create Azure VM Using Terraform

How Does It Work?


Find the perfect place to dive in. With our curated collections of Networking, Cybersecurity, and Cloud labs, you can search by content, technology, and other options to discover practice areas you want to level up in.


Test your skills using goal-based labs to find out what you know and where you’re headed. Build confidence in a progressive, step-by-step environment - where your training and skills meet


Discover new collections, new labs, new skills every day with Skill Dive. Once you’ve mastered a collection of labs - don’t stop. Continuous learning is critical to technology professionals.

How does Skill Dive fit into a training program?


Our content library and on-demand courses provide you with the foundational knowledge needed to succeed in IT and Cybersecurity.


Dive deep into exclusive Lab Collections, specifically curated to challenge your skills and reinforce your understanding.


INE's Certifications and the Skill Sonar tool measure progress and proficiency. Assess your skills to ensure you're always on the right track.

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