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October 03

INE Introduces Skill Dive – 2,400+ On-Demand Labs for Applied Learning in Cybersecurity, Networking, and Cloud Computing

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(Cary, NC) INE, a leading provider of networking and cybersecurity training and certifications, is announcing the launch of Skill Dive, an immersive new hands-on lab experience. Skill Dive offers more than 2,400 cybersecurity, networking, and cloud labs, carefully curated to help practitioners upskill through a targeted topic-focused approach. 

“Skill Dive equips teams and practitioners with a tool to train and practice applied know-how for best results,” said Dara Warn, INE’s CEO. “This powerful lab platform supplements INE’s comprehensive training modules with labs and capture the flags  that are custom-built for hands-on training in a protected virtual machine setting; allowing teams to practice data-sensitive labs in a safe environment.” 

Skill Dive currently offers 25 lab collections and more than 2,400 labs, with dozens of new labs being built and released monthly to meet evolving industry needs - creating a timely training exercise for rapid response in real-world scenarios. The platform is optimized for searching, filtering, and tagging within Skill Dive to offer a targeted approach to upskilling. Examples of Lab Collections include:

  • Getting Started with Azure Cloud

  • Basic Exploitation with Metasploit

  • Database Reconnaissance

  • Secure Coding Defense

  • IP Services Fundamentals

INE built Skill Dive utilizing powerful lab technology created by Pentester Academy, which INE acquired in 2021. Using that platform as a launching pad, INE created Skill Dive, a standalone new lab experience offering an extensive catalog of labs and CTFs designed for those looking to accelerate their training by engaging in additional challenging, scenario-based labs in cybersecurity and networking. 

Earlier this year, INE celebrated its 20th anniversary, introduced INE Security, formally integrating eLearnSecurity into the INE parent brand, and released a highly anticipated new enterprise assessment tool, Skill Sonar. You can read more about those initiatives and recent industry awards here

About INE: 

INE is the premier provider of online technical training for the IT industry. Harnessing the world’s most powerful hands-on lab platform, cutting-edge technology, global video distribution network, and world-class instructors, INE is the top training choice for Fortune 500 companies worldwide, and for IT professionals looking to advance their careers. INE’s suite of learning paths offers an incomparable depth of expertise across cybersecurity, cloud, networking, and data science. INE is committed to delivering the most advanced technical training on the planet, while also lowering the barriers worldwide for those looking to enter and excel in an IT career.

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