The Rapid PVST+ Spanning- ...

    The Rapid PVST+ Spanning-Tree Protocol

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    If you have a layer-2 switched topology containing several switches with multiple redundant have the possibility of bridging loops. Fortunately, virtually every switch on the market defaults to running the Spanning-Tree Protocol to remove those loops. But don’t you want to know how this protocol actually works? This course will teach you the details of the Rapid Spanning-Tree Protocol (RSTP) starting with an explanation about why bridging loops are bad and then diving into the details about how RSTP prevents such loops. You’ll also learn the Cisco IOS commands that enable you to control RSTP even to the extent of performing per-VLAN load- balancing.

    6 hours
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    Instructor for this course

    Keith Bogart

    CCIE #4923


    This course is composed by the following modules

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