CCIE Service Provider Workbook

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INE’s CCIE Service Provider v4.0 Workbook is an online interactive compilation of more than 60 technology-focused labs to help you prepare for the CCIE Service Provider Lab Exam. The workbook is a companion to INE’s CCIE Service Provider Advanced Technologies video course, and is based on Cisco’s latest CCIE Service Provider v4 blueprint.

This workbook consists of hands-on, individually focused, advanced technology labs that present topics in an easy-to-follow, goal-oriented, step-by-step approach. With a clear understanding of these fundamental technologies, you will be able to predict advanced and sometimes subtle interactions when configuring multiple technologies together.

The recommended approach for using this workbook is as follows:

  • Watch the CCIE Service Provider Advanced Technologies videos.
  • Follow the recommended readings from class, including the Cisco documentation.
  • Configure the associated Advanced Technology Labs.
  • Revisit the videos and readings for further clarification.
  • Take and pass the CCIE SPv4 Lab Exam!

The workbook topology is based on INE’s CCIE Service Provider v4.0 rack rentals, and is also compatible with virtual topologies such as Cisco VIRL and GNS3/Dynamips. This topology has the flexibility to mimic the requirements of Cisco’s actual CCIE Service Provider v4.0 hardware and software blueprint, while minimizing the cost for users building their own lab at home or work with physical or virtual topologies.