Windows Powershell Course Bundle

Course Description
Take your Windows PowerShell skills from zero to expert with this popular video course bundle. Learn how to take advantage of this powerful task automation and configuration management framework to streamline your administrative processes and save valuable time. PowerShell expert Flynn Bundy explores the fundamentals of the command-line shell, cmdlets, scripting and tool making, as well as walking through real world examples of how to leverage PowerShell to make you more effective.


These courses are presented in PowerShell 5.0 (the latest version), but also feature information for those running older versions and explain the differences between versions.

With nearly 10 hours of video training, these courses are available for download to your computer or mobile device in HD quality, giving you the greatest flexibility to train anywhere, anytime.

Windows Powershell Course Bundle Includes:

Windows Powershell for Beginners
Windows Powershell for Network Engineers

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