Wrapping Up Women's Histo ...
    31 March 22

    Wrapping Up Women's History Month

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    Thank you for joining us for our Women’s History Month celebrations! We hope you enjoyed learning more about the incredible women who have revolutionized the technology space, as well as those who continue to blaze trails for future generations.

    If you missed out on any of the action from this month, or want to enjoy it again, we’ve included a detailed recap with links to everything we shared in March!

    Week One
    We kicked off Women’s History Month with our Women in IT blog where we highlighted four women who played a pivotal role in the advancement of technology. If you’ve ever wondered how a movie star, nun, rocket scientist, and Countess helped create WiFi, sent people into space, developed programming languages or used machines to create music more than 100 years ago, you can learn it all and so much more in this blog.

    Later in the week, we hosted an INE Live session dedicated to highlighting female pioneers in the tech space. We were joined by INE Product Manager, Natasha Emmanuel as well as Alexandria San Miguel, Director of Governance, Risk, and Compliance for Rent the Runway. During the live stream, several important topics were discussed including how women overcome the challenges of asserting themselves, ways to stay encouraged in the face of adversity, the importance of having male and female allies in the workspace, and much more.

    Week Two
    The second week of Women’s History Month started off with another informative and enlightening INE Live stream. To celebrate our partnership with Black Girls in Cyber (BGiC), we hosted a special stream featuring Talya Parker, Founder and CEO of BGiC. We were also fortunate enough to have Akilah Tunsil, Co-Founder of BGiC as well as Chrystal Sills, INE’s very own Consumer Communications Specialist. Several key topics were covered during the stream including the challenges minority women in tech face every day, what opportunities there are for growth for minority women in addition to how BGiC and other similar organizations can make a difference.

    Our live stream was followed by another intriguing blog post dedicated to modern-day data queens who have not only transformed the world of technology, but have opened the doors for men and women in tech as a result of their contributions. We highlighted videogame developer Carol Shaw, mathematician and missile scientist Evelyn Boyd Granville, “mother of the internet” Radia Perlman, and search engine creator Karen Spärck Jones. Be sure to check out our Data Queens blog to discover more about these incredible women as well as other organizations dedicated to developing resources for women in tech.  

    Week Three
    To start off our third week, we highlighted INE’s very own Lola Kureno in our Day in the Life of a Cyber Security Engineer blog. Like many women, Lola’s journey to her career in tech was one filled with adversity, obstacles, and achievement. Her story is much different than most, and she faced unique challenges but overcame them all to accomplish her goals. From dancing as a professional ballerina at the age of 17 to discovering her passion for cyber security after turning 30, she fills readers in on her unlikely, but incredibly intriguing, path to becoming a leader in the tech space. 

    We shared another Day in the Life blog later in the week featuring INE Instructional Designer, Amanda Martin. With a background in education and a passion for helping others, she walks us through what her responsibilities include as well as what it means to be a woman in tech. She also highlights several key topics such as the challenges she faced, how she overcame them, and what pieces of advice she’d give to other women who may be struggling in the tech industry.

    Week three continued with another familiar face when former INE marketing and communication specialist Lily Clark joined us on INE Live to discuss her recent transition to her current role of Cyber Security Analyst. You might remember Lily from her popular blog post highlighting her experience studying for and passing the eJPT exam. It wasn’t long after sharing her experience that she was able to achieve her dream of working in cyber security. If you’re interested in hearing more about how she went from a Marketing Pro to a Tech Pro while learning to navigate the male-dominated tech landscape, this is a live stream you don’t want to miss!

    Week Four
    Week four was all about the organizations and females leading progression in the IT space. To start, we shared a blog focused on the nonprofits, Fortune 500 companies, and other enterprises dedicated to supporting women, encouraging diversity, and breaking the mold of traditional tech organizations. In this blog, you can read about the many ways groups such as CyberJutsu, Girls in Tech, Black Girls in Cyber, and Change Catalyst have changed the lives and careers of women around the world.

    We shared a recap blog revisiting our previous INE Live Stream with Black Girls in Cyber. The recap covers the key points addressed during the live session, as well as additional insight provided by INE team members Chrystal Sills and Natasha Emmanuel regarding the many ways organizations like Black Girls in Cyber have transformed the lives and careers of countless women.

    We fired up the live stream again to dive deeper into the background and success story of INE Cyber Security Engineer, Lola Kureno. During the stream, she talked about how a car crash completely changed the trajectory of her life and how she went from being a professional dancer to making a name for herself in the tech space. In addition, she discussed what she does each day for INE, what skills are needed to be successful in Cyber Security, how she stayed motivated, and more.

    Week Five
    We closed out Women’s History Month with an exclusive INE Live stream dedicated to the women of INE. We were joined by Instructional Designer, Amanda Martin, Product Manager, Natasha Emmanuel, Public Relations Director, Kathryn Brown, and Content Specialist, Brittany Barker. This fun-filled session included many important conversations surrounding their efforts to bring diversity, inclusion, and innovation into the world of technical education. They also discussed imposter syndrome, advice for first-gen women in tech, why it’s important for women to join the tech industry, and more. In case you missed our stream when it happened, you can rewatch it here.

    We have loved focusing on women in tech this month, and we can’t wait for you to see what’s next. Thanks for celebrating with us!

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