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    22 March 22

    Femme Tech: Organizations Leading Female Progression in IT

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    We’ve been highlighting women in tech in honor of Women’s History Month. In this blog, we feature organizations that are challenging the status quo by promoting women in the technical space. This includes the nonprofits, Fortune 500 companies, and companies with missions to improve equality and diversity in the working environment. Keep reading to learn more about CyberJutsu, Girls in Tech, Black Girls in Cyber, Change Catalyst, and more.

    Black Girls in Cyber
    Kicking off Women’s History Month, we partnered with Black Girls in Cyber (BGiC)! They work to create industry awareness and diversity in cyber security, promoting women of color and helping them to develop the skills and confidence needed to succeed in tech. BGiC offers a unique community experience and hosts several events to provide insight to the issue of limited diversity and inclusion in several corporate areas, as well as the potential for growth and career advancement. Check out the INE Live session we had with them here and keep an eye out for their blog feature!

    You may recognize CyberJutsu from a previous INE Live and blog during Cyber Security Awareness Month in October 2021. CyberJutsu continues to be a driving force in the industry to help women gain traction in cyber security. Founded in 2012, CyberJutsu was created with the mission of raising awareness surrounding cyber security opportunities and the advancement of women in the field. Current CEO and Founding Board Member, Mari Galloway, strives to keep that mission alive with regular bootcamps, training, and networking opportunities, bringing people together to help develop the skills needed to succeed in the tech space. They will be hosting CyberJutsu Con 3.0, a virtual event, on June 18, 2022 which will include hands-on workshops, presentations, and career advice for attendees.

    Girls in Tech
    Another nonprofit organization dedicated to closing the gender gap in the tech industry is Girls in Tech. Founded in 2007, Girls in Tech has more than 60,000 members around the world as well as more than 50 chapters. They offer bootcamps, training, and other forms of support in an effort to build a more inclusive and diverse workspace. Their training goes beyond practitioners, offering support for creative and strategic roles as well as coding and analytical roles.

    Change Catalyst
    A popular question in the tech world is how do other organizations become more inclusive? Change Catalyst has the answer! They help develop inclusive workplace environments by providing training, consulting, and more. Their efforts lead to a deeper understanding of the culture within their client organizations, which include groups of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 level companies. 

    Women Hack 
    Speaking of organizations that recognize the power of women in leadership and practice, WomenHack is an organization that vets other organizations to ensure equality and opportunity for women in tech. WomenHack allows women to create an anonymous profile and matches the profile to vetted companies to give women a workplace they deserve. They host hiring events in addition to promoting gender diversity and inclusion in modern workspaces.

    When you think of women building organizations in the tech space, you probably don’t think of organizations like Cisco. Many would probably assume Cisco was a male-built institution as one of the most well-known tech organizations. However, Cisco was actually co-founded by Sandra Lerner, and features many other women, such as Mala Anand, in operational leadership positions. Not to mention, they’ve been vetted by WomenHack! Cisco isn’t the only tech company with women leading the way though. Companies such as Intel also have female leaders, including President, Renée J. James, and Vice President and General Manager of the Platform Engineering Group, Aicha Evans. You can find more organizations in the tech space that provide equal opportunity and demonstrate the power of women in IT here.

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