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    13 July 23

    Why INE? Because We Check All of the Boxes

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    When it comes to online IT/IS training, we know that there’s no shortage of options. It can be daunting to make a decision, but we’ve found that most learners are looking to check similar boxes when it comes to needs:

    • Do they offer the topics I want to learn?
    • Is it available when I want to learn?
    • Do they teach in a way that meets my learning needs?
    • Can I afford the courses?

    Sure, there might be other factors in play, but these are the necessities. How does INE ensure we’re checking these boxes to make the choice easy for you? Read on.

    Does INE cover the topics I want to learn?

    INE started out with a networking focus 20 years ago - but we’ve grown into an IT/IS training platform that offers courses and certifications across:

    We create learning paths and certifications at every proficiency level that can help individuals and teams develop from novice to expert. And as technical areas converge, the need for the intersection becomes more important, like network security and cloud security - we know because we use industry SMEs to keep up with organizational and career needs.  

    Our current partners stick with us because we stay aligned with popular vendors as they update their technologies and certifications. For example, Cisco’s current roadmap has major updates to nearly all of their certifications over the next 18 months. INE is in the process of updating all of our Cisco exam prep learning paths in lock step with their updates. More announcements on those updates are coming soon!

    Are INE learning paths and certifications available when I am ready to learn?

    Recently, we asked our community the biggest barriers to training and the single biggest identified challenge for professional continuing education is finding time to invest in themselves.

    INE offers on-demand training through instructor-led courses, labs, and hands-on practical work on a platform to provide asynchronous learning that’s ready for you when you can get to it. 

    Will I retain the information I learn in INE courses?

    Hands-on, practical learning is key to retention - which you can read all about in this blog. INE acquired Pentester Academy and to incorporate their labs into our learning paths and certifications for stronger learning experiences. With more than 3,100 browser-based labs in networking, cybersecurity, and cloud, our students can put their learned skills to practice before they take it back to real-world environments. Take our labs for a test drive with Lab Demo - no credit card required.

    Can I afford the courses?

    Our Subscription model makes learning affordable for nearly any individual learner or organization. Are you an IT or HR leader looking for Training for Teams? We’ve got you covered. Contact us today to schedule a demo.

    Check out these subscriptions for individual learners:

    • Fundamentals Monthly at $39/monthly
    • Fundamentals Annual at $299/year
    • Premium at $749/year
    • Premium+ at $899/year

    And just to make it even more affordable, we often run promotions to make sure that everyone that wants to learn with us, CAN learn with us. Sign-up for our mailing list so that you won’t miss a thing. 

    Looking to save now? Summer savings is in full swing, now through August 10, 2023, with:

    • $100 off on eLearnSecurity certifications
    • $100 off on Junior Penetration Tester + 3 months of Fundamentals (eJPT + 3) 
    • $100 off on Enterprise Defense Administrator + 3 months of Premium (eEDA + 3)

    Take $100 off ANY eLearnSecurity Certification - Use coupon code elsJULY23100


    Save $100 on eJPT + 3 or eEDA + 3 - Use coupon code CyberJULY23100

    Small Print:

    • $100.00 off eLearnSecurity Certification Vouchers, code elsJULY23100, is only valid through August 10, 2023.
    • Offer valid on new eLearnSecurity exam vouchers, we reserve the right to change this offer at any time.
    • Once purchased, the eLearnSecurity certification exam voucher will be in your account and available to attempt for 180 days. You will have two attempts to pass the certification exam.
    • eJPT + 3 months of Fundamentals will renew quarterly at $117 following the 3-month period after purchase for $249
    • eEDA can be purchased at discounted rate as standalone with existing Premium Subscription or Higher
    • eEDA + 3 months of Premium will renew after 3 months at $350, then $749 annually from purchase date
    • THESE CERTIFICATION ARE RETIRING and the exam MUST be TAKEN prior to October 1, 2023: CPTXv2, eCMAP, eCXD, eCRE, eWDP. 
    • Note for Existing Subscribers: Premium subscribers (or higher) can purchase the Enterprise Defense Administration Voucher or the Junior Penetration Tester Voucher on its own and save $100 with coupon code elsJULY23100.

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