Stimulus Checks Burning a ...
22 March 21

Stimulus Checks Burning a Hole in Your Pocket? Here's How To Use It.

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Stimulus checks are landing in bank accounts of more than 160 million Americans this week. Most people will receive at least $1,400, and a family of four could get up to $5,000. Have you thought about how you will spend yours? Will you use it to pay off bills or buy new furniture? Perhaps invest in your home? At INE, we’d like to suggest you consider spending just a small portion of stimulus money investing in yourself, and enjoy a lifetime return on your investment. As little as $50 can be enough to drastically change the trajectory of your career, if you spend it the right way.

Here are three key reasons why using stimulus money to invest in career training is a great idea:

  • Using stimulus money to pay for training and career development essentially boils down to the government paying people to invest in themselves. An investment of $49.99 in INE’s monthly training option unlocks access to more than 800 courses and thousands of videos. Premium access includes unlimited interactive, instructor-led bootcamps and engaging labs which allow students to put learning to the test. The courses are designed to take students from novice to expert, preparing students for dozens of certification exams, as well as a highly successful career in a wide variety of Information Technology specialties. 
  • Tech jobs consistently rank among the highest paying jobs in the world. A recent study by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the median annual wage for computer and information technology jobs is $88,240, more than double the median annual wage for all other occupations. Many occupations within the industry pay well over $100,000, including IT Managers and Data Scientists. The vast majority of tech jobs rank at the top of the pay scale, proving that investment in a career in Information Technology is a smart financial move for the future.
  • Tech jobs are in-demand, highly stable and geographically flexible. With a tech talent shortage of more than 40 million jobs globally, tech recruiters are willing to go above and beyond to bring in smart, passionate employees. INE’s training is engaging and interactive – designed to fuel students’ passion for learning and growing. Taking charge of the future by enrolling in a career training course not only makes job candidates more attractive to employers, but can also open doors to new challenges and opportunities, paving the way for a more flexible and financially profitable future.

INE offers a wide variety of Information Technology training courses, from the free Starter Pass designed to introduce novice users to the world of IT, to the Premier subscription, which includes access to more than 800 courses, 18,000+ videos and customizable learning paths for different specialties. INE also offers training plans for businesses, and trains some of the world’s most respected large companies, including Verizon, Public, Microsoft and IBM.

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