Introducing Skill Dive
29 September 23

Introducing Skill Dive

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Professional technology training has to evolve as quickly as technology does. INE’s newest immersive lab offering, Skill Dive, is designed to do just that. 

Skill Dive offers dozens of carefully curated practice labs that drill down into the most relevant, timely challenges met by technology professionals. Supplemental to the labs in our Learning Paths, we’ve created a new way to enhance how you practice. 

What Does That Mean?

Skill Dive has more than 2,000 labs in Cybersecurity, Networking, and Cloud to help practitioners upskill in a targeted way. We carefully curated meaningful, high-impact Labs and Lab Collections that gather the most relevant information for a particular topic or challenge into one place. 

Skill Dive offers 25 Lab Collections and more than 2,000 labs to immediately get started in - addressing the topics our customers have said they need most. INE is dedicated to releasing new labs monthly to meet the needs of the evolving industry needs. 

What’s In Skill Dive?

Examples of Lab Collections include:

  • Getting Started with Azure Cloud

  • Basic Exploitation with Metasploit

  • Database Reconnaissance

  • Secure Coding Defense

  • IP Services Fundamentals

  • Find the extensive list on Skill Dive

Examples of Labs:

  • Routing to Multipoint Broadcast Interfaces

  • Create a VM using the GCP Console

  • Role-Based CLI

  • Remote Shell

  • SQL Injection

  • Find the extensive list on Skill Dive

How Does It Work?

  1. Search 
    Find the perfect place to dive in. With our curated collections of Networking, Cybersecurity, and Cloud Computing labs, you can search by content, technology, and other options to discover practice areas you want to level up in. 

  2. Practice
    Test your skills using goal-based labs to find out what you know and where you’re headed. Build confidence in a progressive, step-by-step environment - where your training and skills meet. 

  3. Repeat 
    Discover new collections, new labs, new skills every day with Skill Dive. Once you’ve mastered a collection of labs - don’t stop. Continuous learning is critical to technology professionals. Check back weekly for new labs! 

Now through October 26, 2023, you can buy Skill Dive and save $99. Don’t miss out on a great deal!

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