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05 September 23

INE + INE Security: The Formula for Success

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eLearnSecurity is upgrading to INE Security!  We acquired eLearnSecurity in 2019 to add cybersecurity certifications to our offerings, and now we’re taking it to the next level - combining the know-how and strength of INE training with eLearnSecurity certifications - now available on

Why We Think You'll Love INE Security

Hesitant to change? Don't be! With eLearnSecurity becoming INE Security, you’ll simply be browsing and buying your cybersecurity certifications all on By making this shift, this helps us provide IT/IS professionals with better content that is even more tightly aligned between our INE Learning Paths and INE Security certifications - improving your learning experience all the way through to certification completion.

This also makes INE a one-stop-shop, empowering IT/IS professionals to invest in just one training platform. You can now, more seamlessly, learn across Networking, Cybersecurity, and Cloud Computing to prepare for real-world engagements and success on certification exams - whether it’s INE Security certifications or other industry-recognized certifications from vendors like Cisco and AWS.

Quick FAQs

Where Do I Get My Certification Voucher?

Ready to shop for INE Security certification vouchers? It’s simple. Visit us at and browse eight Cybersecurity certifications for Red and Blue Teamers at every level. You’ll be able to learn about each certification and purchase it - all on 

Have an eLearnSecurity Account?

You’re covered! Your eLearnSecurity account will continue as is, you’ll simply find it under the INE Security name now. No changes will be made to your account, and you won’t need to re-register.

Have eLearnSecurity Certifications?

Those remain intact! Your certifications remain active, and you can continue to use your credential as a validation tool.

What Should You Do Next?

Check out to see the new look and research which Cybersecurity certification will be your next challenge. Need training to prep before you dive into an exam? Check out our subscription options.

Want to learn how INE Security can improve your training for teams? Schedule a demo with our team!

Need training for your entire team?

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