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    14 December 23

    Creating a Growth Culture in Your Organization through Upskilling Programs

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    Talent shortages in cybersecurity means qualified candidates have an advantage when interviewing and during the offer process. One way to attract outstanding new hires and retain employees is to foster a culture of growth and continuous learning in your organization. 

    At INE, we believe that the key to implementing an effective upskilling program is to understand and embrace the organizational objectives first. 

    When launching your program, you’ll want to ensure that you’re:

    • Enhancing the organizational culture for recruitment and retention
  • Upskilling in key IS disciplines to strengthen your cybersecurity posture and infrastructure
  • Creating clear career paths with training milestones to help team members thrive
  • By leveraging online training platforms and embracing on-demand and hybrid learning, organizations can unlock a world of possibilities and create a culture of growth that drives success. 

    Why Choose an Online IT Training Platform?

    When it comes to online training platforms, we know that there are more than a few options when deciding. Online training that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, makes learning flexible and convenient; and, it makes it easy for IT professionals to choose from an extensive course catalog covering domains such as cybersecurity, cloud security, data analytics, and more. But are they all equal when it comes to meeting the organizational objectives set for your L&D programming?

    INE continues to refine exactly how businesses can meet those objectives by continuing to leverage top experts and platforms, ensuring that maturation of teams crosses training and cultural needs. Skill Sonar, a team assessment feature for businesses, helps cybersecurity and networking leaders visualize the results of baseline assessments for current-state abilities across their teams. Leaders can then identify training objectives for everyone on their team and collaborate to get them on the right training track. Selecting learning paths and courses tailored to specific knowledge, skills, and abilities enables employees to develop expertise in areas that align with their career aspirations and the organization's needs.

    Improved Retention Rates with L&D Programs using Assessment Tools

    When organizations invest in their employee's professional growth and provide opportunities for them to acquire new skills, it fosters a sense of value and fulfillment, leading to higher levels of employee retention. Recent statistics have shown a strong correlation between implementing learning and development (L&D) programs and increased employee retention rates. A study conducted by LinkedIn revealed that organizations with comprehensive L&D programs have 30-50% higher retention rates.

    The Future of Upskilling in the IT Industry

    Organizations must stay agile and adapt to emerging technologies to remain competitive. As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, upskilling programs will become more critical to the IT industry. By embracing online training platforms and offering hands-on, practical learning opportunities, organizations can create a growth culture that equips their employees with the skills needed to embrace new technologies and drive innovation. The benefits of a solidified L&D program will ultimately help the organization protect their mission, brand, and people;  empowering individual employees to stay relevant and future-proof their careers.

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