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    09 December 21

    Career Paths: Data Science

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    Data is everywhere in the digital age and is part of every piece of modern technology. It allows us to structure different websites, edit images, and prioritize our social media feed, whether we want it to or not. And it can be your career! We aren’t saying you need to work in structuring everyone’s social feed algorithms though. 

    We’ve been examining different career paths for the past two months, and now we’re on to our final segment. We’re bringing the microscope in close to see what Data Science career paths are available to you.

    What do Data Science careers entail?

    Data Science experts are in high demand! Think Google, Apple, and Microsoft. Every product they release has complex data systems built into the software. Even the simple iPod from the early 2000’s required data scientists to play a part in its creation.

    The role of data scientists includes intense code development, design, and analysis. They also build out platforms and applications to assist with data analytics performance. Some of the most common skills needed to fulfill these responsibilities include knowledge of Python and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

    What are some Data Science career options?

    Today, organizations are relying more on big data and experts to swiftly collect, analyze, and leverage data for their operations and projects. LinkedIn alone has more than 120,000 data science jobs available. Not to mention every data science job comes with an enticing salary as well as opportunities for career development.

    Data Analyst

    This role is responsible for using data and acquiring information on specific topics. Data acquisition often involves conducting surveys as well as interpreting and presenting data to corporate decision-makers. Key skills for this job include Python, SQL, Tableau Software, Data Modeling, and Data Mining. Mastery in these skills may even result in a salary increase.

    Data Scientist

    Data Scientists are responsible for mining complex data and designing new ways to manage data using models. They work closely with statistical data and rely on skills like Data Modeling, Data Mining, Big Data analytics, and Python.

    Data Engineer

    This role develops and translates computer algorithms into code. These engineers are also responsible for maintaining, organizing, and identifying trends in large data sets. Data engineers rely on knowledge in areas such as Apache Spark, AWS, Big Data analytics, Data Warehousing, and Python.

    Data Architect

    This profession involves the design, structure, and maintenance of data. Data management requires advanced skills with computers and computer language proficiency in SQL and XML. Other skills that are crucial to this role include Big Data analytics, Data Warehousing, and Data Modeling.

    Senior Software Engineer

    Senior leaders in this field usually have a strong background in computer science, web development, and/or software engineering. This role requires in-depth knowledge and comfortability with coding in Javascript, HTML, and CSS. Additional skills that are helpful in this role are Python and AWS.

    How does INE help?

    We have Data Science training down to a science! We provide hands-on activities and training material that allow you or your team to practice working with classification algorithms and version control in GitHub in a risk-free setting. Our in-depth solutions give you a chance to try out your computing skills before you need to execute in business critical scenarios.

    You can work through our Data Science Learning Paths in addition to virtual projects and quizzes. Learning Paths are designed to help you keep track of your course progress and see what is left on your journey to become a Data Science master. Courses cover everything from machine learning fundamentals to software development with python, and more. Regardless of the topics you choose to focus on, our experts have carefully designed the information to ensure clarity and an engaging experience.

    Our activities, quizzes, and instructor-led training videos have been designed with your success in mind and will help you master the keys to web scrapingunit testing, as well as feature engineering techniques for a well-rounded training experience. 

    Learn more about INE Data Science training today!

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