Bridging the Gap in IT Ed ...
    02 September 21

    Bridging the Gap in IT Education

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    Employee turnover is the highest it’s ever been and research shows this upward trend is expected to continue. Although it’s common knowledge that employees come and go, what might not be as well known are the factors which cause an employee to leave and how they can be avoided.

    In the tech industry alone, more than 65% of professionals think they can find a better position than the one they are in. This is most often attributed to lack of engagement from employers in addition to a lack of commitment to an employee’s success. In turn, this is causing good employees to leave good companies and many employers are finding themselves with increasing hiring costs and decreasing morale. 

    According to the Society for Human Resource Management, investing in your employees directly impacts productivity, morale, performance, and retention. Studies have shown actively engaged workforces are 75% less likely to look for another job. The hurdle to overcome is that not all employees are the same, and not all organizations are the same, so how do you create an effective enterprise-wide strategy to keep the talent you have?

    Education is Key

    In the ever-evolving world of technology, education is key for employees at all stages of their career. Not only do IT professionals who have received job-related education feel more confident in their abilities, but they also feel valued by their employer who is preparing them for career advancement.

    Online Learning Opportunities

    Equally as important as educating your employees is the way in which you do it. In today’s virtual business environment, an increasing number of corporations are transitioning to online learning. Organizations around the world are not only saving time and money by making the switch, but they are increasing their competitive advantage and boosting retention rates as well.

    On-Demand and Self-Paced Training

    In-person training often means limited learning material and minimal time to practice what has been learned before being tested on it. In contrast, online learning grants students the opportunity to access and complete course materials at a pace and time convenient to them. With our on-demand course library, students can choose the training they want with more than 18,000 videos on Cyber Security, Networking, Data Science and Cloud Services at their fingertips. 

    Hand-On Learning

    The best way to prepare employees for what they might encounter on the job is to give them access to real-world exercises and hands-on training simulations. This is increasingly important for IT professionals as the landscape of the technology industry is constantly evolving, requiring employees to remain current on what’s taking place. We are proud to offer quizzes, Cloud certification prepNetworking workbooks, leading Cyber Security virtual labs and Data Science projects through GitHub to help reinforce student knowledge.

    Flexible, Scalable Solution

    Whether you have a team of 50 all in one office or a fully remote workforce of 5,000 employees, online training accommodates the needs of organizations of all sizes. With digital accessibility from mobile devices, tablets, laptops or desktop computers, your team can access the tools they need whenever they need it. With this flexibility comes scalability. As your business grows, your online learning grows with it. By establishing a digital training program, you can quickly add new users so they are set up for success from day one instead of having to wait for the next in-person training session. An INE Enterprise Business Plan will even allow you to transfer licenses from one user to another as your needs and teams change. 

    Analytics are Key

    When investing in training for your organization, you should know how effective it really is. Hosting or attending training held in-person makes it incredibly difficult to get an accurate pulse-check on how material is being received by your team. INE Business Plans feature valuable analytics including measurements of how your team is progressing as they complete their training and which courses or topics are most watched by your team.


    Organizations who make the switch to online learning save significant money by eliminating the costs associated with sending employees to attend in-person training or paying to have training conducted at your place of work. Rather than spending money on travel, accommodations, instructors and other out of pocket expenses, the money saved can be allocated back to the company.

    Keeping pace with the ever-evolving technology industry can be difficult, but we are here to help.

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