A Look at Mt. Cloud
    07 February 22

    A Look at Mt. Cloud

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    Whether you’re a Cloud expert or just getting started on your Cloud journey, we’ve got the labs, exercises, and course material you need to succeed as you blaze your own trail up Mt. Cloud. In this blog post, we’ll give you a firsthand look at the multitude of resources available for you to achieve all of your training and career goals.

    Certification Preparation
    The sky may be the limit, but your certification dreams are within reach. We’re proud to work exclusively with the most trusted experts in the industry who have developed specialized content and vendor-agnostic Cloud certification training to help you scale your expertise and accelerate your career. From security and compliance to management concepts and IP addressing, our hands-on development model aligns with real-world business initiatives, giving you a secure place to sharpen your skills and conquer your certification exams.

    In addition, we’re thrilled to have developed the first INE-branded certification, the INE Certified Cloud Associate (ICCA). Learn more about how this certification prepares you for the multi-cloud future by visiting the ICCA website.

    Cloud Labs
    Training to handle today’s Cloud landscape requires more than just reading a bunch of slides. We’ve given online learning a whole new meaning with a platform that allows you to be an active participant in your training journey. With our browser-based lab platform, you can perfect your skills or practice new ones in a secure, real-world environment designed to simulate what you’ll encounter on the job and/or during a certification exam. In addition, we have hands-on labs for all of our general cloud courses, as well as more than 100 labs for Microsoft Azure and AWS to ensure you’re able to scale your Cloud expertise.

    Cloud Podcast is another resource at your disposal while on your quest for technical information and career advice. Episodes are produced weekly and feature Cloud experts who provide insight for developers, architects, and anyone moving into the Cloud sphere. If you aren’t already, be sure to follow the podcast for all your Cloud information needs. You can tune in on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

    Instructor-Led Courses
    We work exclusively with in-house industry experts to provide aspiring technology leaders with the advanced Cloud content they need to take the next step in their technology career, stay up to date on the latest advancements, or achieve a certification. Our experts are the most experienced professionals in the IT industry and have spent decades carefully creating learning material with your training journey in mind. As a result, our courses are a unique blend of in-depth instruction paired with hands-on exercises and quizzes that create a complete and proven training strategy. In addition, our instructors create new content weekly, ensuring you’ll have access to the most comprehensive and up-to-date learning materials the industry has to offer. You can start exploring these courses for free with our Starter Pass plan and move to a Monthly, Annual, or Premium Plan to gain more exclusive access to our course material!

    Learning Paths
    INE Learning Paths present topics in a strategic order, ensuring you won’t miss or overlook crucial information, while naturally building upon lessons you’ve learned. As you work through each Learning Path, you can keep track of your progress and be able pick up exactly where you left off. You'll always have a clear picture of what you've accomplished and what you still have left to conquer.

    From novice to advanced and everything in between, our Cloud experts lead you through each critical step of the certification study process and all the courses you need to upskill, reskill, or master your skills have been gathered in one, easy-to-track location, ensuring efficient studying and certification preparation. Check out a few of our most popular learning paths, including Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer Certification (AZ-400), Azure Developer Associate (AZ-204)INE Certified Cloud Associate, and more by visiting our Learning Paths page

    If you’re looking for the most comprehensive, hands-on Cloud training solution, look no further. Our learn-by-doing platform allows you to put your skills to the test with exercises, quizzes, and in-depth training you won’t find anywhere else.

    About INE
    INE is the premier provider of technical training for the IT industry. INE is revolutionizing the digital learning industry through the implementation of adaptive technologies and a proven method of hands-on training experiences. Our portfolio of training is built for all levels of technical learning, specializing in advanced networking technologies, next generation security and infrastructure programming and development. Want to talk to a training advisor about our course offerings and training plans? Give us a call at 877-224-8987 or email us at

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