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    July 06

    New INE Cybersecurity Certification Takes Aim at Closing Critical Cyber Skills Gap

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    (Cary, NC) A crippling skills gap continues to impact the Information Technology industry worldwide. As a result, security breaches have become increasingly widespread, making every business vulnerable. Over the past year, more than 80% of organizations fell victim to a security breach, according to a 2023 Fortinet report. In light of the alarming trends, public and private sectors are actively building innovative tools to address and overcome the skills gap. 

    INE, the leading global provider of technical training for IT and cybersecurity professionals, is among the companies spearheading the effort to upskill and cross-skill cyber teams, equipping them with the necessary skills to combat emerging cybersecurity threats. INE recently released a groundbreaking new certification, the Enterprise Defense Administrator (eEDA), a blue team certification that tests users’ ability to effectively secure an organization’s mission critical resources to ensure seamless business operations. Blue team continues to be a critical area for SOCs defending against adversaries. In building this exam, INE heard from global business partners repeatedly about an increased need for specialized certifications that both validate skills and can be utilized to identify training and upskilling opportunities like security engineers. 

    The eEDA certification is the first of its kind in the industry, combining an enterprise defense-focused exam with elements of yellow team instruction to upskill engineers into cybersecurity roles. This unique yellow team element makes the eEDA the first of its kind in the industry, and prepares cybersecurity and engineering professionals to be more aligned as partners on the front lines of defense. 

    “We identified an industry-wide challenge, with a growing percentage of companies unable to adequately defend themselves against cyber threats because teams lack access to updated training,” said Dara Warn, INE’s CEO. “We designed this certification specifically to address that gap in cybersecurity defensive operations. By leveraging our immersive, hands-on learning technology and expert instruction, we are able to offer cyber professionals a new way to train, test, and apply their skills to help organizations build elite cyber defense postures.”

    For more information on the eEDA, click here

    About INE: 

    INE is the premier provider of online technical training for the IT industry. Harnessing the world’s most powerful hands-on lab platform, cutting-edge technology, global video distribution network, and world-class instructors, INE is the top training choice for Fortune 500 companies worldwide, and for IT professionals looking to advance their careers. INE’s suite of learning paths offers an incomparable depth of expertise across cybersecurity, cloud, networking, and data science. INE is committed to delivering the most advanced technical training on the planet, while also lowering the barriers worldwide for those looking to enter and excel in an IT career. 

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