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June 09

INE Announces Five New Professional Certifications

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(Cary, NC) - Global IT training firm INE is announcing the creation of five new Cloud industry certifications as part of its keynote RedefINE 2021 event. The certifications are designed to expertly prepare students and companies alike to enter and excel in cloud computing. The demand for qualified Cloud professionals is hotter than ever, and businesses are willing to pay lucrative salaries to those who meet standards of excellence. INE research shows the average annual salary of a Cloud Developer in the US is $117,000, and the cost of recruiting a qualified candidate is upward of $30,000 As cloud grows more critical to business infrastructure, it is more important than ever to have qualified experts filling those roles, and INE certificates will provide both individuals and corporations with the ability to scale the skillsets driving future growth. INE has a long history of preparing students to pass existing cloud industry certifications, and is now taking the next step by creating its own certifications, based on years of research, instruction, and professional expertise.  

The first certification, INE Cloud Fundamentals, will be released by the end of June, making it the first hands-on cloud fundamentals certification on the market. Additionally, it will be the first INE-generated cloud certification, and is comprised of a groundbreaking multi-vendor approach, with a hands-on assessment that is unlike any other cloud certification in existence. This certification is specifically geared toward helping professionals of all skill levels become proficient in the minimum requirements to be successful in the cloud industry. It is yet another step INE is taking toward breaking down barriers for entry into the new, emerging cloud opportunities that exist in the IT ecosystem.

"No other comprehensive suite of cloud certifications on the market is hands-on. Ours will be," says Neal Bridges, INE's Chief Content Officer. "Through years of instruction, we have pinpointed gaps in the actual, practical execution of cloud architects. We feel we can better prepare students for a successful career by creating a cloud certification that is reflective of what they will encounter in the real world."

The new INE certifications will cover Azure, AWS, Multi-cloud and Hybrid-cloud areas. They will put businesses in a better position to protect their assets as well, by being assured that professionals who have passed INE Cloud Foundations, as well as subsequent INE certifications, are expertly prepared and trained with hands-on methods, and will be able to apply their knowledge instantly upon passing the certification.

"With the acquisition of eLearnSecurity two years ago, we were excited to dip our toes into the ocean of certifications, and the community support for those certifications has been phenomenal," says Bridges. "We have seen a massive adoption of our cybersecurity certifications as we've begun to partner with recruiting organizations and HR teams around the world. We already have industry support for the new INE certifications, and we are confident they will be widely adopted and viewed as top-tier certifications."

INE will provide specific details regarding the new certifications in the coming weeks and months. You can find more information about INE and the exciting RedefINE 2021 event here.


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