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    If you are looking to become a professional penetration tester or IT Security personnel where your job relies on your ability to defend and assist an organization in assessing and mitigating infrastructure and web application risks, then the Penetration Testing Professional Learning Path will help you get there. Starting this learning path, you should have a basic understanding of networks, internet protocols, IT security issues, and penetration testing concepts, as well as the ability to read and understand code. This learning path builds strong foundations by giving theoretical lessons reinforced with practical exercises, covering topics like system, network, web app, and wi-fi security. The Penetration Testing Professional Learning path also prepares you for the eCPPTv2 exam and certification. Learning path at a glance: -Based on techniques professional pentesters use -Covers everything a modern Pentester needs to know -Network Pentesting, Web Application Pentesting, Wifi Pentesting, System Security Section -Architecture fundamentals, Buffer overflow, and Shellcoding -Covers both Windows and Linux exploitation -Post-Exploitation and Pillaging methodology -Includes Ruby & PowerShell for Pentesters sections -Learn how to create your own Metasploit modules -Learn how to leverage the PowerShell Empire toolkit -Includes a professional guide on Pentest Reporting

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