Jack Reedy

    Jack Reedy

    Director, Cyber Security & CISSP

    About Jack Reedy

    Jack is the Director of Cyber Security Content at INE. He has more than 14 years of experience in global enterprise operations across blue, purple, and red team functionalities. His experience in cyber security has spanned a variety of industries, from defense, entertainment, and technology, making his insights valuable and his awareness of cyber solutions applicable to a wide array of challenges. He is passionate about increasing the talent pool in the Information Security field and works to remove career roadblocks for those trying to enter. In this effort, he hosts a weekly YouTube stream to bring awareness to the different aspects of the cyber security field. Though his spare time is limited as a husband and father of two, he enjoys karaoke and cooking Southern style BBQ for his friends and family in Long Island, NY. Certifications: CISSP

    Programs Jack Reedy teaches

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