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    eLearnSecurity Certified Digital Forensics Professional (eCDFP)

    Are you ready to ramp up your digital analysis and retrieval skills? If so, the eLearnSecurity Certified Digital Forensics Professional (eCDFP) certification was made for you. You'll learn how identify and gather digital evidence as well as retrieve and analyze data from both the wire and endpoints. Once you're proficient in forensically investigating network attacks, you can complete the practical exam inside a fully featured and real-world environment.

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    Perform thorough investigations by collecting, analyzing, and organizing data

    The eLearnSecurity Certified Digital Forensics Professional (eCDFP) is a 100% practical certification focused on allowing you to prove your information gathering skills and forensic techniques through real-world scenarios inside a fully featured virtual lab environment.

    How does the eCDFP do this?
    ⁠While most exams are multiple choice, the eCDFP certification gives you the opportunity to complete purpose-build simulations based on security incidents and situations you might face while on the job. Through INE's exclusive VPN lab experience, you also have the freedom to try different methodologies and individual creative thinking to navigate the scenarios you're presented. The skills developed during your hands-on exercises and exam activities are critical to have when working in the information security and cyber security industries.

    ⁠eCDFP for Teams
    Have you been looking for technical training designed to help your team become proficient in forensically investigating network attacks? The eCDFP provides them with the skills and knowledge needed to perform thorough investigations, analyze file structures, recover corrupted discs, locate hidden data, and more. This is a must have certification for any team members responsible for keeping your infrastructure and enterprise safe.

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    Prove your investigative skills and network forensic knowledge with the eCDFP certification.

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    eCDFP Learning Objectives

    The eLearnSecurity Certified Digital Forensics Professional certification tests your understanding of networks, systems and cyber attacks. Once you've mastered the essentials, you're challenged to utilize various methodologies and creative thinking to complete a real-world simulation based on actual scenarios and incidents. Your course material will cover how to analyze both FAT & NTFS file systems, carving and creating your own custom carving signatures and Windows registry analysis. In addition, you'll learn how to perform thorough investigations against Skype, explorer's shellbags, Windows recycle bins, and much more.

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    File & Disk Analysis

    Develop an in-depth understanding of a file's structure and how to interact with the lower levels of files and disks.


    Windows Forensics

    Learn how to acquire and analyze data from the Windows registry.


    Network Forensics

    Perfect your discovery and retrieval skills to closely examine the traffic coming and going from a network.


    Log Analysis

    Find bugs, security threats, and other vulnerabilities through in-depth log analysis.


    Timeline Analysis

    Collect and analyze event data from a device or system to more accurately determine when a security event occurred and what took place.


    File Systems and Tools

    Hone in on your knowledge of file systems and tools such as WinHex, regripper, tcpdump, and others.

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    Looking to pass the eCDFP but don't know where to start? By signing up for INE Training, you can get all the tools and training necessary to pass the eCDFP and jump into 10K+ additional videos, labs, and quizzes across Cloud, Networking, Cyber Security and Data Science. An INE Training Pass is the perfect companion for you or your company as you study for your exam.

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    Digital Forensics Professional

    Have you ever wanted to learn how to perform digital forensics activities after an intrusion? The Digital Forensics Professional Learning Path will teach you how to identify and gather digital evidence as well as retrieve and analyze data from both the wire and endpoints. The Digital Forensics Professional Learning Path also prepares you for the eCDFP exam and certification. This course is part of the Digital Forensics Professional Learning path which prepares you for the eCDFP exam and certification. As part of this Learning Path, you'll learn how to acquire volatile and non-volatile data, using various techniques, dive into the structure of files and then, analyze file headers, malicious documents, and file metadata, become familiar with walking through partitions, recovering corrupted disks, and locating hidden data, learn how to analyze the Windows registry, LNK files, prefetch files, and previously mounted USB devices, become proficient in forensically investigating network attacks, and more.

    Learning Path Difficultyprofessional
    17.0 hrs

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    How does the eCDFP Stack Up?

    The eCDFP certification includes industry-leading training and hands-on activities designed to provide you with real-world scenarios closely mirroring job opportunities and responsibilities.


    eLearnSecurity Certified Digital Forensics Professional





    The purpose of the exam and what you'll accomplish if you pass.
    Prove your network attacks investigation skills in addition to digital forensics processes and methodologies as part of a comprehensive practical exam.
    Core cybersecurity skills required by security and network administrators.
    Penetration testing and vulnerability assessment
    Time Limit
    The amount of time you have to complete the certification exam.
    One day to complete lab and report
    90 Minutes
    165 Minutes
    The number of questions required by the certification exam.
    Hands-On Lab with Practical Exam
    Hands-on Labs
    Does the certification require hands-on labs to prove that you understand the concepts?
    Real World Scenarios
    Questions include real world scenarios with in-platform labs.
    The type of expertise required to complete this exam.
    Requirements to take the exam
    Networking Concepts, File & Disk Analysis, Traffic Capture Files, Log Analysis
    Entry-level cyber security
    Network+, Security+ or equivalent with 3-4 years or experience.
    The amount you must pay to attempt the certification exam.
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