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Data is the fuel that feeds the fire of business decisions in the 21st century. As organizations rely more heavily on big data, having highly-trained experts to expertly collect, analyze, and leverage it is the difference between getting ahead or falling behind.

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We’ve got Data Science training down to a science. Regardless of your preferred programming language or proficiency in deep learning frameworks, our hands-on, interactive training material is designed for all levels and styles of learning.

Train at your own pace with extensive, on-demand video courses led by expert Data Scientists utilizing Jupyter Notebooks designed to guide you through the content. Each video is built upon core objectives, community observations, and the experiences of your instructor, blending concrete information with real-world scenarios. Once you’ve learned your skills, you can put them to the test through hands-on, interactive Python and Data Analytics courses paired with real-time feedback and experience-building Github projects.

Data Science is one of the most rapidly evolving fields in information technology, with an estimated 31% growth rate. Now is the time to add value to your team and your organization through expert-led training. Whether you want to continually develop your analysis skills or perfect your programming abilities, our platform is the most comprehensive and in-depth learning resource available. Get started today.

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Data Science Learning Paths

Learning Paths, designed to keep every crucial topic in one place, guide you through the study process. Each course is organized within the Learning Path for efficiency, focus, and retention. The only thing you have to keep track of is your accomplishments.

Start your training today! Explore hundreds of hours of course materials.

Choose the training you want from our library of over 250+ hours of completely original content and get hands-on with INE quizzes, GitHub projects, and programming exercises to reinforce your knowledge through a practical approach to learning.


What a Data Science career looks like

Data science is not only a rapidly growing field, but an exciting one filled with opportunity. Data scientists work with every major industry and are shaping the future for businesses around the world.

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The best way to become an expert is to learn from one! Our training materials are produced entirely in-house by INE instructors who are some of the most respected and tenured experts in the industry.

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Common questions about Data Science training

If you have a question you don’t see on this list, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page by clicking the button below. If you’d prefer getting in touch with one of our experts, we encourage you to call one of the numbers above or fill out our contact form.

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