Wrapping up 2022 with a b ...
    15 December 22

    Wrapping up 2022 with a bang (and lots of G2 badges)!

    Posted byKathryn Brown

    It's that time of year again! No, not the holidays, although it's that too! It's G2 Badge season, and we’re proud to unveil a seriously impressive list of Winter 2023 badges that we’ve been awarded! Since G2 reviews come from verified INE students, we are incredibly proud and thankful to be receiving 15 badges in total this year, including nine in the “Leader” category, five in the “High Performer” category, and a brand new appearance for INE – designation as the “Easiest Setup” in Online Course Providers.

    Your success is our biggest motivator, and at INE we pride ourselves on listening to our students and implementing changes based on your needs. We realize that asking you to jump through tons of technical hoops to accelerate to the next step in your training journey isn’t always practical. That’s why we’ve been working hard to make it easier than ever for students to sign up for INE and jump right into hands-on training.

    Over the last twelve months, we have shifted the vast majority of our labs to a cloud-based platform. This has radically changed the way students are able to access our labs. Students no longer have to set up a VPN and go through tedious and time-consuming technical steps to start learning. With our cloud-based lab platform, you can be hands-on in less than two minutes – taking your training to the next-level faster and easier than ever.

    We truly believe that learning from experts is the best way to become an expert, and with INE you can always be assured you are learning from the best in the business. Thank you for loving our training enough to leave such great reviews. We are excited to flash our fancy new badges around! 😉 See you in 2023!

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