We've Added a Firepower T ...
    02 November 18

    We've Added a Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) Course to Our Video Library!

    Posted byINE

    This course will cover an introduction through advanced understanding of Cisco Firepower and Cisco Firepower Threat Defense. All Firepower policies are covered in detail, as well as how to configure and implement Firepower Threat Defense devices.

    Topics Covered Include:
    • Management Configuration (FMC/FTD/Firepower)
    • System Configuration
    • Health Policy/Health Alerts
    • Device Management
    • 4100/9300 FXOS/Chassis Management
    • FTD CLI
    • Objects
    • FTD Interface Configuration/Zones
    • Platform Settings (FTD/Firepower)
    • Routing
    • Network Addressing Translation (NAT)
    • Access Control Policy
    • FTD Troubleshooting (CLI/GUI)
    • PreFilter Policy
    • Malware/File Policy
    • Intrusion Prevision Policy (IPS)
    • Identity Policy
    • Firepower Discovery Policy
    • DNS Policy



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