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    04 February 20

    Watch Keith Bogart's Webinar on OSPFv2 LSAS Now

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    Keith Bogart covers the primary OSPF LSAs in this webinar Understanding OSPF LSAs.

    A large part of understanding the operation of OSPFv2, and being able to troubleshoot the protocol, is being able to identify the different types of OSPFv2 LSAs and how they are used by the protocol.

    In this webinar, you'll learn about the five primary types of OSPF LSAs, starting with the Type-1 Router LSA and ending with the Type-5 External LSA. You'll also learn which routers create these LSAs, why they're created, and how to search for them within the OSPF Link State Database.

    Whether you work with OSPF in your existing network or are learning about OSPF for certification purposes, this webinar will be highly valuable to you.





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