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    08 June 20

    Watch INE's Free IPv4 Multicast Routing Webinar Now

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    Implementing IPv4 Multicast Routing Webinar

    Implementing IPv4 Multicast Routing is led by INE expert instructor Brian McGahan and is part of INE's Networking Week, celebrating the launch of INE's new Networking Pass.

    Multicast Routing is one of the lesser understood technologies within both the CCNP and CCIE certifications.

    In this webinar, Brian McGahan demystifies Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM)'s operations, from the PIM Register message to building Multicast Trees with PIM Join. By the end, you'll be able to configure and verify IPv4 Multicast Routing with the confidence needed for both the Enterprise Infrastructure and Data Center CCNP and CCIE exams.



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