Implementing A Hybrid Clo ...
15 September 20

Implementing A Hybrid Cloud Solution Now (Video)

Posted byTracy Wallace

Working in a cloud environment is becoming a daily part of many IT jobs. Add to that the fact that 81% of public cloud users have a multi-cloud strategy. This means that not only is it likely that you will need to be proficient in "the cloud" but also comfortable working across multiple cloud providers. Yikes. Fortunately, Tracy Wallace, INE's Azure expert, somehow convinced Jamie Kahgee (INE's IT director and AWS guru) to help him to put together a multi-cloud webinar.

Watch now as Tracy and Jamie discuss the process of wiring up multiple clouds and demonstrate a solution that seamlessly and securely integrates components on-premises, in AWS, and in Azure.

Want to follow allow with Tracy and Jamie's demos? Download the files used in today's demonstrations here.*

*AWS relevant documentation: is for us for VPN gateway configuration. terragrunt.hcl is for use in the parameter inputs for the VPN setup 

*Azure relevant documentation: deploy-azure-vpn-enviroment.json, azure-to-awsconnection.demo.ps1

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