Watch "BGP Path Selection ...
    25 August 20

    Watch "BGP Path Selection" Now!

    Posted byRohit Pardasani

    Working towards your CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab certification? Want learn how BGP selects best path based on BGP attributes, or how configure BGP Path Attributes? 

    If this sounds like you, you wont want to miss Rohit Pardasani's live interactive introduction to BGP Path Selection. Follow along with Rohit and learn how to configure BGP Attributes like Weight, Local Preference, AS-Path, Origin and MED to force a router or an AS to take a specific path. 

    Looking for more free Networking content from Rohit? Check out his webinar discussing DOT1X and MAB here. Want to dive even further into networking?  Gain instant access to over 500 Networking courses, quizzes, hands-on tasks and more with Networking training from INE. 

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