Understanding Purple Team ...
    08 October 21

    Understanding Purple Team Roles

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    All this talk of colorful teams may have taken some of you back to grade school, but this week we’ve been focusing on the teams that provide you and your business an impenetrable cyber security force.

    To round out this week’s series of blog posts, we will be taking a look at the ways of the purple cyber security team. Keep reading to learn more about what purple teams can expect in their day-to-day life and why having a purple team is absolutely essential to your business success.

    What does a purple team look like?
    If a red team is offense-based and a blue team is defense-based, does that make purple the neutral? Kind of, but it’s more than just throwing one person from the red team and one person from the blue team together and asking them to work it out. Purple teams utilize both offensive and defensive tactics to protect their business assets by communicating between the red and blue teams. This team functions in a way that is meant to enhance capabilities rather than simply combine them.

    Purple teams provide a holistic approach to cyber security practice, prioritizing both the offensive and defensive tactics to keep organization assets secure. The role of purple teams is to give organizations a connected unit between red and blue teams. Cross-functionality in purple teams means that blue team defensive tactics are integrated with the identified threat vulnerabilities from the red team to create a dynamic protection plan.

    Organizations utilize the skills of those in purple teams to ensure their cyber security team is cross-trained and ready for any approach. Ultimately, purple teams implement security controls on both sides of the picture for a more advanced defense against cyber threats than either practice on its own.

    What are purple team careers?
    We all know cyber security is a growing career field with technology driving employers to find a way to protect their corporate information. This  makes even more sense when you know 79% of organizations were hurt by their lack of cyber preparedness just last year! All organizations need to ensure a secure environment, and that means purple team members are vital.

    Cyber Security Research Scientist - Purple Team Specialists
    These specialists have in-depth experience with advanced persistent threats (APT) and tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) with immense technical expertise. Additionally, they coordinate efforts with red team attackers and blue team defenders to identify new methods of detecting cyber threats.

    Cyber Security Engineer
    This role is instrumental in deploying, operating, and scaling a high-performance network that ensures availability and security.

    Cyber Security Analyst
    A Cyber Security Analyst detects cyber threats and then implements changes to protect an organization.

    How does INE help?
    With so many Learning Paths devoted to cyber security, it’s no surprise we support the holistic approach of a purple team. INE offers virtual, interactive labs to give your team hands-on experience in secure environments in everything from penetration testing to digital forensics and threat hunting

    You can work through offensive, defensive, and all-inclusive course material completing quizzes, hearing from our experts, and getting your hands dirty with hands-on labs. INE gives you a comprehensive training outlook while prioritizing both red and blue team learning. Our Learning Paths are designed to give you a goal to work towards and let you keep track of your learning progress. 

    Our virtual labs, quizzes, and instructor-led training videos have been designed with your success in mind and will help you become well-versed in techniques for red and blue team practices, giving you the most well-rounded training experience you can get in security practices. 

    Learn more about INE Cyber Security training today!

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