The Wait Is Over! New SD- ...
02 October 20

The Wait Is Over! New SD-WAN & SD-Access Courses Now Available!

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The wait is over! 🎉  Our newest SD-WAN and SD-Access courses are now available with your Networking Pass! We're continuing to develop and expand our library on these topics so keep your eye out for more courses in the future. 

Cisco SD-Access & DNA Center - This course covers Cisco Software Defined Networking (SDN) in the Enterprise known as SD-Access. We will delve into the working of the fabric understanding the control plane and data plane. DNA Center will be explored including use with and without a fabric. We will investigate the various roles devices have including border, edge, and control. We will use Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) to implement security policies. We will explore how to integrate the fabric with non-fabric networks. Finally, you will learn about day 2 management including assurance and network telemetry.

Cisco SD-WAN Use Design, Cloud & Advanced Features - Cisco SD-WAN solutions can be designed in a number of ways, we will explore various use cases to understand the value of different solutions. We will investigate SD-WAN Cloud solutions for connecting branch offices to cloud infrastructure and cloud service providers. Multi-tenancy from a user and service provider perspective will be discussed. Cloud based analysis with vAnalytics will be explained. Finally, we will see how the vManage API works to integrate SD-WAN with other solutions.

SD-WAN Configuration & Troubleshooting - In Cisco SD-WAN Configuration & Troubleshooting, we start with discussing the two major types of templates and how to use them to deploy 10's or 100's of devices. Cisco SD-WAN supports numerous types of policies, we will explore data, application aware route, VPN memberships and others. Finally, we will learn how to troubleshoot and debug the control plane and data plane. At the end of this course you should understand the basic configuration and troubleshooting of the SD-WAN Network.

Cisco SD-WAN Fundamentals - The Cisco SD-WAN Fundamentals is intended to build an understanding of the SD-WAN architecture and its components. We begin by discussing the Cisco SD-WAN fabric and how it is designed. We will learn about the control plane and how to build and configure it. We will understand the data plane options and why Cisco recommends a VXLAN solution. Finally, we will investigate the Overlay Management Protocol (OMP) and discover that it is much more than just a routing protocol. At the end of the course we will know the SD-WAN fundamentals and what it takes to deploy an SD-WAN fabric.

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