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    25 June 19

    The Courses You Need to Get a Head Start on the CCNA Certification Changes

    Posted byKeith Bogart

    After perusing our chart comparing the upcoming CCNA tests to the current exam requirements, you may be wondering what your best options are as you consider your studies. Here are the courses that will cover everything you need to know to pass the 2020 exams.

    We will be developing a new course that covers all of the new topics and provides a clear path to a 2020 CCNA Certification. In the mean time, use your All Access Pass to navigate your way through these topics.


    Updated CCNA 200 - 301 Topics


    New Topic: 1.12 Explain Virtualization Fundamentals (Virtual Machines)

    You Should Watch: CompTIA Security +

    In the Application, Data, and Host Security section, Virtualization Technologies Part 1 is the video you want.


    New Topic: 1.2 Describe Characteristics of Network Topology Architectures

    You Should Watch: CCNA Data Center v5.0

    This video covers Network Topologies (in the Ethernet Topologies section of this course). Also relevant for 1.2.c Spine-leaf.


    New Topic: 1.3.c Concepts of PoE

    You Should Watch: CCNP Routing & Switching Technologies v2

    This video is called Power Over Ethernet.


    New Topic: 1.10 Verify IP Parameters for Client OS (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)

    You Should Watch: CompTIA A+ 220-902 Technology Course

    Start at the 15:30 mark in the video titled Identifying Common Features of Mac OS & Linux OS.

    Also: Linux Fundamentals for Network Engineers

    Watch this video covering Linux Networking.


    New Topic: 1.11 Describe Wireless Principles

    You Should Watch: Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CWNA) Technology Course

    Dive into the RF section for the Radio Frequency Technologies video. This video is also relevant for 1.11.a Nonoverlapping Wi-Fi Channels, 1.11.b SSID, and 1.11.c RF.

    Also: For 1.11.d Encryption, watch the section on WLAN Security.


    New Topic: 2.6 Compare Cisco Wireless Architectures and AP Modes

    You Should Watch: CCNA Wireless Course

    Specifically, the Brief Overview of Wireless video.

    Also: For 2.7 Describe Physical Infrastructure Connections of WLAN Components (AP, WLC, Access/Trunk Ports, and LG), watch Part 1 of the CUWNA section.


    New Topic: 2.9 Configure the Components of a Wireless LAN Access for Client Connectivity Using GUI Only Such as WLAN Creation, Security Settings, QoS Profiles, and Advanced WLAN Settings

    You Should Read: Cisco Catalyst 9800 Wireless Controller Series Web UI Deployment Guide

    Twist! This isn't a video. But this in-depth guide provides everything you need to know.


    New Topic: 5.1 Define Key Security Concepts (Threats, Vulnerabilities, Exploits, and Mitigation Techniques)

    You Should Watch: Network Security Fundamentals & Concepts

    Watch the video called Security Principles.


    New Topic: 5.2 Describe Security Program Elements (User Awareness, Training, and Physical Access Control)

    You Should Watch: Security Concepts

    Specifically, Common Security Principles.


    New Topic: 5.5 Describe Remote Access and Site-to-Site VPNs

    You Should Watch: CCNA Routing & Switching Technologies 200-125 v3.0

    The video you're looking for is called Introduction to VPNs


    New Topic: 5.9 Describe Wireless Security Protocols (WPA, WPA2, and WPA3)

    You Should Watch: CCNA Wireless Technology Course 200-355 WIFUND

    Watch all of the videos in the section titled Wireless Security Fundamentals.

    Also: For 5.10 Configure WLAN Using WPA2 PSK Using the GUI, zero in on the video in the Wireless Security Fundamentals section called Configuring Wireless Security.


    New Topic: 6.4 Compare Traditional Campus Device Management with Cisco DNA Center Enabled Device Management

    You Should Watch: Cisco DNA Center Overview

    This is a Webinar run by Cisco. It is available from July 18 to August 15.


    New Topic: 6.5 Describe Characteristics of REST-based APIs (CRUD, HTTP Verbs, and Data Encoding)

    You Should Watch: Introduction to APIS

    This video is a Cisco Learning Lab.


    New Topic: 6.6 Recognize the Capabilities of Configuration Management Mechanisms Puppet, Chef, and Ansible

    You Should Watch: Network Automation with Ansible

    The Course Introduction is a great start.


    New Topic: 6.7 Interpret JSON Encoded Data

    You Should Watch: JSON Tutorial: Learn JSON in 10 Minutes

    This quick read is done by BeginnersBook.


    You can prepare for the rest of the topics (that will be remaining the same) with our CCNE Routing & Switching Technologies 200-125 v3.0 course

    Sally forth! 




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