Tech Giants Pledge to Str ...
    30 August 21

    Tech Giants Pledge to Strengthen Cyber Security

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    On Wednesday, August 26, 2021, the world’s largest tech companies gathered and pledged to answer the U.S. government’s call to action. In a first-of-its-kind cyber security summit hosted by President Joe Biden, corporations including Microsoft, Google, Apple, IBM, and Amazon mutually agreed to take drastic and immediate action to reinforce the country’s cyber security strength in the wake of recent cyber attacks that have gripped the nation.

    The actions to be taken by the most recognized organizations in the world are profound and a testament to the commitment to enhancing the country’s cyber security infrastructure. On top of spending $20 billion on cyber security initiatives in five years, Microsoft has agreed to provide $150 million in support of local, state, and federal governments looking for opportunities to upgrade their security. In addition, Google has agreed to spend $10 billion on cyber security initiatives, and Amazon’s cloud computing division, along with Apple, have promised to increase multi-factor authentication efforts.

    Other organizations outside of the technology space have thrown their hats into the ring as a way to show support for the growing cyber security push felt around the country. From offering minority-focused cyber security credentialing programs at the University of Texas and Girls Who Code, to global insurance companies setting new cyber security requirements, a new wave of standards and ideologies is washing over the nation and gaining momentum each day.

    As this wave grows in strength, IBM and Google have resolved to train hundreds of thousands of cyber security experts over the course of several years to help flood the pool of 500,000 open security industry jobs with highly qualified and trained professionals. With the onslaught of cyber attacks against the public and private sectors becoming more severe each day, it has never been more important for organizations to have teams of experts equipped with the knowledge and skills to protect the critical assets they can’t afford to lose.

    At INE, we understand skills need to evolve as the cyber threat landscape continues to take shape. As a result, our learn-by-doing approach to education has helped tens of thousands of students achieve their training goals and become the well-rounded professionals organizations look for while they seek to fortify themselves against outside cyber threats.

    Our approach to education allows students to become active participants in their training and has been designed to follow real-world processes and initiatives, fully preparing them for any challenges they may face on the job. In addition, our constantly evolving course library challenges students to continuously sharpen their skills so they can stay on the cutting-edge of identifying threats and minimizing vulnerabilities.

    We’ve partnered with some of the biggest companies and individuals in the tech space to develop course materials that integrate interactive and engaging video-based learning with the most advanced lab exercises available. Our instructors are industry experts, combining hundreds of years of experience training students to protect governments and businesses from cyber attacks.

    With businesses around the world demanding team members with expertise in both red and blue team tactics, our depth of training materials gives you the ability to cross-train, better preparing you for the threats and open job market ahead.

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