RMOTR's New Website is Li ...
20 September 19

RMOTR's New Website is Live!

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Data Science Expert

New member of the INE IT Training family, RMOTR, has officially launched their updated, on-demand website.

RMOTR offers students self-paced, expertly designed courses on Data Science and Python. Content is available for students at any level, with clear introductory courses, as well as advanced topics.

There are no stand-alone classes on Each course comes with GitHub projects and assessments for students to complete. Information is never just consumed, it's put into action. These hands-on activities enhance the learning experience by allowing students to apply their new skills to real-world scenarios from the beginning.

Current INE Members can use their account to login to the new site and purchase a RMOTR subscription. For those interested in maintaining subscriptions for both RMOTR and INE, only one INE account is needed. Creating an account is free and simple. Anyone can get started today.

INE is proud to support RMOTR as it continues to build a world-class Data Science certification program. With a shared commitment to setting up customers for success in their careers, INE and RMOTR will continue to develop content users can count on.


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