redefINE Full Recap
    11 June 21

    redefINE Full Recap

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    This week was an incredibly exciting one for the entire INE team. Not only did we successfully host our first ever redefINE keynote event, but we made some major announcements that are helping us break down the barriers to education.

    redefINE was filled with three days of roundtable talks, panel discussions, and compelling topics addressed by some of the industry’s best speakers. We hope you were able to join in the excitement and take part in our live Q&A sessions, but in case you weren’t, we’ve included a full recap of each day’s events, including links to each recorded session.

    Day 1
    We kicked off redefINE with some of INE’s biggest announcements to date, all shared during the keynote event you can watch in full here. These announcements include:

    • INE Career Paths - Whether you're starting your career or advancing the one you're in, our experts have created mapped out Career Paths to help you navigate the nuances of your profession.
    • New INE-based Certifications - Five new INE-based certifications will be released in the coming months to help supercharge your career. The first certificate to be released will be the INE Cloud Foundations certification.
    • INE Community - Head over to and engage with our expert instructors as well as other INE students! Our dedicated community leaders will help you navigate through the content, foster engaging conversations, and answer any questions you have.
    • INE Live! - INE Live! will create a more freely accessible way to view our content. With INE Live! our instructors, content directors, and INE’s executive leadership team will be available to answer your questions and listen to your feedback on a regular schedule.
    • New Course & Content Release Updates - New INE courses will now be released on a monthly basis, ensuring you have access to the most current and relevant training material.

    Although these announcements were a tough act to follow, independent investigative reporter Brian Krebs did an outstanding job as our first guest speaker of redefINE. During his session, he talked about the most common hacking problems faced by organizations, the importance of hands-on training, the growing threat of cyber attacks from various groups, and how to develop a strong cyber defense strategy. 

    Day 2
    The excitement continued on day 2 with A.I. Humorist Janelle Shane providing a hilarious look at ways machine learning has gotten things wrong. She shared her views on whether or not A.I. is smart and highlighted the serious impacts we have seen as a result of the narrow focus A.I. is trained to have. After her talk, a Q&A session was held with the audience, during which she answered a variety of questions including what she thinks the biggest pitfalls are in Data Science, her thoughts on recent A.I. regulations, her biggest lessons learned, and more. If you’d like to watch the recorded session with Janelle Shane, you can do so here.

    Next was a career-focused roundtable discussion featuring Sunil Sud, Executive Recruiter, Joe Hudson, Principal Recruiting Lead, and Gerald Auger, Chief Content Creator of the Simply Cyber YouTube channel. This honest and open discussion was filled with valuable insights on hot topics including whether college education is essential, what IT fields are growing the most, the essential skills recruiters are looking for, and how challenging it might be to make the change from a non-technical career to one in the tech field. Their recorded session can be watched in full by visiting this link.

    Day 3
    Although day 3 was the last of redefINE, it was packed with thought provoking topics for discussion. In our first session of the day, INE instructor Brian McGahan was joined by John Hammond, Cyber Security Researcher, Kristin Day, Lead Data Scientist, Jason Gooley, Technical Evangelist, and Stephen Reynolds, law partner, for our panel discussion on valuable insights from industry experts currently in the IT field. They went around the horn as they answered what surprised them the most in their role, what emerging trends they have seen, and what challenges someone breaking into the industry might encounter along the way. If you’d like to hear their thoughts on these topics, be sure to watch the full panel discussion by visiting this link.

    We closed out the day with our student-led panel featuring first-hand experiences from current INE students Lily Clark, Logan Flook, and Chris Frazier. They gave us a behind-the-scenes look at the role training has played in their career journey as well as where they find their motivation, what they do to prepare for exams, and how they got started in the tech industry. Their full recorded session can be watched here.

    Thank you to everyone who tuned in, provided feedback, and asked questions! Another big thanks goes out to the entire INE team, guest speakers, panelists, and students, without whom this event would not have been possible.

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