New Year, New Cisco Exam ...
    01 January 20

    New Year, New Cisco Exam Requirements

    Posted byINE

    2020 has finally arrived and with it, the impending updates to the Cisco Certification process.

    Excitement and anxiety has been high since Cisco made the announcement this past June. Now that the countdown has officially begun, how are you feeling?

    We know many of you eager to start preparing for the new exams (if you haven't already) and your tenacity and enthusiasm is amazing. Our new courses, prepared for the changes ahead, are live and in action. As always, we'll continue to create new courses and release them on a weekly basis.

    For anyone who needs a quick recap of what to expect, read Brian McGahan's summary on the new Routing & Switching certification pathway. There's also Keith Bogart's side by side comparison of the current exams and the new ones (going into effect on February 24,2020). And remember, there's no reason to freak out.

    This year is sure to be a momentous one, with hard work leading to many outstanding accomplishments. We're cheering for you as you continue your IT journey forward. Happy New Year!

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