New Course on IPv4, TCP, ...
05 November 19

New Course on IPv4, TCP, and UDP Available Now

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Keith Bogart provides this Introduction to IPv4, TCP, and UDP course, ideal for Network Engineers at any stage of their career.

There are billions and billions of devices connected to networks today and each one of them is running the TCP/IP stack. As a Network Engineer, knowledge of how IPv4, TCP, and UDP all operate. This course provides you with all the insights you need to fully understand how to best utilize IPv4, TCP, and UDP.

Students will learn about the historic origins of the Internet Protocol, the structure of IPv4 addresses, and the details of each of the fields within an IPv4 header. Then the course will move on to learn the differences between UDP and TCP. Keith will also cover how to view the IPv4 information in your own system, whether it be a Windows-based, Mac, or Linux device.


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