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15 September 21

National Online Learning Day

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Online learning has completely transformed the education world. Gone are the days where the only way to dive deep into an area of interest required sitting in a classroom with harsh fluorescent lighting and heavy backpacks stuffed with books. Now, you can master just about any subject you want with only a strong internet connection and a desktop or mobile device.

Since 2000, the online learning industry has grown 900%. With this shift to virtual education becoming more prominent, there are a growing number of resources available to the equally growing community of learners. INE took note of this trend nearly two decades ago, and has been a trailblazer in online education ever since. “Long before the pandemic forced us all into a virtual world, INE was already there,” said INE CEO, Richard McLain. “We have spent years perfecting the most effective methods of transferring the value of in-person learning to an online platform.”

The platform he references has been continuously developed and improved in an effort to lower the barriers to education by bringing the industry’s best training and instructors to students anywhere in the world, regardless of their age, gender, location, or background. “At INE, it is our goal and mission to remove the obstacles to opportunity by empowering professionals of all levels with the right training at an affordable price,” said McLain.

Affordability is a huge barrier many encounter while trying to choose the best path forward in their learning journey. Many students are forced to take out tens of thousands of dollars in loans just to be able to pursue an education while others are stuck paying several thousand dollars to gain surface-level knowledge of the topics that require deeper understanding, which often requires students to reach even farther into their wallets.

As someone who went the traditional college route, Richard McLain knew there had to be a better, more affordable way to achieve your education goals. “Not only are you paying expensive tuition, but you are paying for your textbooks, room and board, and other fees separately,” he said. “Doing so takes away from practical ways students could be spending their money, and more importantly, ways they could spend their time.”

While in-person education is still a viable option, it does not allow students as much opportunity to put to practice what they’ve learned. Many classes are focused more on reading textbooks and retaining enough knowledge to pass a test and move on to the next subject. This method may help pass tests and get the grades you desire, but it will not do much more beyond the classroom, which is where many students find themselves falling short.

In the world of technology, real-world experience is key. Not only do you need to be able to know the variety of ways a situation could be approached, but you need to demonstrate the solutions as well; something that cannot be achieved through passive learning. With this knowledge, INE has thoughtfully created thousands of hands-on exercises, including virtual labs, GitHub projects, quizzes, Networking workbooks, and more, designed to help students become active participants in their learning while giving them a platform to practice their skills in real-world environments. When asked why INE had chosen that path, Richard McLain said “Our training is designed to help you become a well-rounded professional while giving you the confidence to not just do the job, but to excel.”

In addition to the hands-on aspects, online learning is more flexible and accessible than traditional in-person education. Students have the option to learn at their own pace, on their own time, and from the comfort of the location of their choosing. This flexibility is something that has been top-of-mind since INE began offering affordable online learning solutions. “We have students all over the world. Technology transcends all boundaries and our training reflects that,” McLain said. “We recognized years ago that students would benefit from more flexibility in their training.”

The benefits of online learning extend to more than just the individual. In the ever-evolving world of technology, organizations have found education is key for employees at all stages of their career and teams of all skillsets. In fact, companies have generated 26% more revenue per employee after offering online learning to their teams.

Not only do IT professionals who have received job-related education feel more confident in their abilities, but they also feel valued that their employer is preparing them for career advancement and additional responsibilities. Showing this commitment to your team’s success is more important than ever with businesses around the world experiencing record-setting high turnover rates. By providing the opportunity to stay apprised of industry trends and enhance on-the-job knowledge, you are setting a precedent and sending an encouraging message.

Whether you’re pursuing education for yourself or your team, the possibilities are endless with the world of online education at your fingertips. From saving money and getting hands-on to learning the subjects you want at your own pace, the benefits of online learning are growing as quickly as the community.

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