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19 February 21

Master Data Science Technologies With Three New Courses

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Dive into both fundamental and professional-level Data Science concepts with three new courses from INE's expert instructors. These courses feature hours of on-demand instruction, as well as quizzes to help reinforce core concepts after each topic and supplemental course files to aid in studying.

Classification Algorithms - This course introduces common classification techniques and algorithms in order to predict the value of the class label based on the features in the dataset. We will discuss four different classification algorithms in detail, namely, logistic regression, k-nearest neighbors, support vector machines, and decision trees. For each algorithm, we will cover the theory behind how it works, then demonstrate an implementation of it in Python. By the end of this course, you will be able to train your own classifiers with confidence.

Bash Scripting for Data Scientists - A great many tasks in the daily work of data scientists can more easily be accomplished using interaction at the command line shell than by using “heavier” programming languages like Python or R, let alone by using task-dedicated GUI tools that perform narrow subsets of work needed. The bash shell is a programming language itself but is also a richly interactive tool for constructing “one-off” processing commands. This course familiarizes students both with the interactive command-line capabilities of bash and with writing stand-alone bash scripts of moderate size to encapsulate frequently performed tasks.

MySQL and MariaDB for Python Developers - Relational databases are the default storage and access system for most stored data in applications, and for data science. MySQL/MariaDB is one of the top two most popular open source RDBMSs. This course will explore MySQL and Maria DB including their differences, Python DB-API for access to MySQL and MariaDB databases, available drivers for MySQL access in Python, the mysql shell for direct interaction with MySQL and MariaDB, Data Definition Language for MySQL/MariaDB, data types, built-in SQL functions, and more.

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