Look at You… Looking at U ...
27 September 22

Look at You… Looking at Us!

Posted byKathryn Brown, Chief of Staff

The temperature is changing as summer gives way to fall, and while that may mean pumpkin spice and cozy sweaters for some, for us it’s all about scoring some fresh new swag on G2! We love G2 because it’s such a great place to find honest, candid, real feedback from verified clients. And we have to say – we’re pretty proud of what we see on INE’s page! 

For the first time ever, INE achieved “Fall 2022 Momentum Leader” status in Technical Skills Development and Online Course Providers – we’re so proud of that! INE is also classified as a “Fall 2022 Leader” in Enterprise Online Course Providers, Enterprise Technical Skills Development, Small-Business Technical Skills Development, Small-Business Online Course Providers, overall Technical Skills Development, and overall Online Course Providers. Woot woot! INE also snagged high marks as a “Fall 2022 High Performer” among Europe Online Course Providers, Asia Online Course Providers, Asia-Pacific Online Course Providers and Mid-Market Online Course Providers. 

Whew. That’s a lot of information. But we’re sharing every bit of it because we are psyched!

And – we are super grateful to you, our clients, for bragging about your experiences with INE. Nothing makes us more excited than to hear that our clients are using INE to supercharge their skill sets and crush their professional goals. We’re proud that business teams around the world count on INE to keep their networks running smoothly and securely. 

See some of our favorite G2 reviews below: 

Ajmal A. writes in his 5-star review “It's the platform and the content I like the most. Also, like how the lab works and how INE materials help in the completion and understanding of the lab. Overall it's great.”

Richard W., a Senior Network Architect, said “The quality of the instructors and training material is top-tier, especially now that INE has added on-demand labs to some of their courses. You can also filter by courses with labs, which is a great option for active learners who want to jump right into courses and quickly supplement with some hands-on training.”

(We love the new on-demand labs too, Richard!)

Alex K., a Cyber Security Consultant, wrote “INE has an incredibly wide range of high-quality materials in one place. Although I primarily use my subscription for cyber security, I am also able to access material on programming, or networking, or data science if I want to. This helps to strengthen my understanding of the fundamentals of computing.

The move to make the cyber security labs browser-based is, in my opinion, a good idea. This, combined with the affordability of the annual subscription and free eLearn cert voucher makes INE very good value for money. INE's support team are also very responsive and helpful.”

Thanks for helping INE continue to be a leader in IT training! We love reading your feedback – keep it coming! 

Oh – and if you want to leave a review of your own (and get a $10 Amazon gift card for your time!), click here.


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