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26 September 19

Learn the Fundamentals of Network Automation & Programmability

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INE's new course, Introducing Network Programmability & Automation, is led by Keith Bogart.

This course will introduce you to the fundamental concepts and platforms that are involved with network automation and programmability, with a primary focus on Cisco's approach and solution.

INE instructor Keith Bogart starts with an overview of the traditional methods of network management (and their challenges), before progressing through variety of topics.

Additional topics include the goals of automation, common languages, tools and protocols used for automation, and the imperative and declarative approaches to SDN implementations. Students will also learn how SDN provides the ability to separate the Control Plane from the Data Plane, and receive an introduction to both Cisco's DNA Center solution, as well as APIs, with an emphasis placed on REST APIs. Overviews of Ansible, Chef, and Puppet are presented, as well as a whole lot more.


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